Wind turbines and the disappearance of our birds

It is with great· sadness that we have come to the realization that the “Mohawk Point Wind Farm” has virtually destroyed our backyard avian population.  (Lowbanks Wind Facility, Haldimand County, Ontario)

When we learned of the proposed site, we sent a letter to Haldimand County Council expressing our concerns regarding the impact these “behemoths” would or would not have on bird species in our area. As we heard nothing back, we assumed no one had any answers to our concerns.

As our property is situated in the middle of two of these monstrous wind turbines, our concerns were justified. We have witnessed
a devastating decline in the number of visitors we have to our backyard feeders, now there is nothing but sparrows and starlings. We have lost all of our Woodpeckers, Mourning Doves, Chickadees, Cardinals and Blue Jays. We are preparing ourselves for the fact that our Tree Swallows that have nested in the same nesting box for 15 years, and the Purple Martins that have spent every summer with us
for the past 15 years will not be appearing in the spring.

The only tenants in the nesting box and brand new $120.00 Purple Martin House will be sparrows. The constant drone of the turbine
closest to us is, in my opinion, comparable to the sound of the heavy duty cycle on a clothes dryer. The drone continues non-stop, 24 hours
a day, and it will be interesting to see how long the sparrows and starlings continue to put up with it.

We have enjoyed our ongoing association with our fine feathered friends, and found it to be one of the most peaceful, relaxing and anticipated events involved in country living. We do not
thank you, Haldimand County Council for your decision to put up these energy saving monsters, or for the money we are saving on
suet cakes and bird seed.

In allowing the “Mohawk Point Wind Farm” to be built, you have obliterated one of our most enjoyable pastimes and ruined an important part of our lifestyle that we truly enjoyed these last 16 years.

If anyone is has any thoughts on why we have lost our bird population, other than the turbines, I would appreciate hearing
about them in future issues.

Dianna Beilschmidt
The Regional New This Week

3 thoughts on “Wind turbines and the disappearance of our birds

  1. This really saddens me as I have been concerned about this very thing if Aim is succsessful in their attempt to install Industrial Wind Turbines in our area. My husband and I have spent years attracting birds of all kinds to our feeders. It is one of our greatest pleasures and enjoyed immensely by those who visit us from the city. The disrespect for living beings by the greed of politicians and corporations is criminal.

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  3. The affects of industrial wind turbines would eventually result in killing less as bird species are eliminated from the area. It is not that they are not capable, but there would be less to kill. That is a reality.

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