Ministry of Environment does disservice to rural Ontario

Kate Jordan of the MOE mentions a report from an “independent expert” that said “our policies are sound.” Probably she’s referring to the Ramakrishnan report. Here’s a more complete quote from that report. “The Ministry of the Environment’s procedures to assess wind farm noise levels follow a simple procedure that is sound for most situations.  However, additional concerns still need to be addressed in the next round of revisions to their assessment process.” Hardly as conclusive as Ms. Jordan would have you believe.

What constitutes “most situations?” So far, out of the seven large Ontario farms in production, at least four have generated complaints, including people moving and houses being bought out. Of these seven, two have just recently come into production and the odds are good that they will generate complaints as well.

If you have the time and inclination to look into the details, you can find the entire report on my amherstislandwindinfo. com site, under “noise” then “problems with those rules.”C lose by you can also find a detailed response to the report, which points out the substantial problems with it, including these words: “All of the science that is needed is complete. All of the measurements that are needed to support the science are in the literature and of course in the files of the wind industry. If MOE continues to bury its head in the sand on this issue, then it is doing a grave disservice to the rural population of Ontario which is having these turbines placed within 1.5 km of their homes.”

Wayne Gulden

Simcoe Reformer

9 February 2009

1 thought on “Ministry of Environment does disservice to rural Ontario

  1. Here’s the Policy Statement (below) that the Ontario Government stripped away with the FAKE Green Energy Act….

    Before the Government did an about face on rural Ontario, our municipalities had a chance to protect us from the unscrupulous Wind Energy Companies……

    I guess that our health is not longer a concern to the Ontario Government…and why they have abandonned us all….

    Could I say that someone has lied to us ….No, I guess that would be redundant…

    Bring back integrity to Government…We miss it…!!

    FROM THE MARCH 01 2005 Provincial Policy Statement

    “The Province’s natural heritage resources, water, agricultural lands, mineral resources, and cultural heritage and archaeological resources provide important environmental, economic and social benefits. The wise use and management of these resources over the long term is a key provincial interest. The Province must ensure that its resources are managed in a sustainable way to protect essential ecological processes and public health and safety, minimize environmental and social impacts, and meet its long-term needs.

    It is equally important to protect the overall health and safety of the population. The Provincial Policy Statement directs development away from areas of natural and human-made hazards, where these hazards cannot be mitigated. This preventative approach supports provincial and municipal financial well-being over the long term, protects public health and safety, and minimizes cost, risk and social disruption.

    Taking action to conserve land and resources avoids the need for costly remedial measures to correct problems and supports economic and environmental principles.

    Strong communities, a clean and healthy environment and a strong economy are inextricably linked. Long-term prosperity, environmental health and social well-being should take precedence over short-term considerations.”

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