Open Letter to Dalton McGuinty

Good morning sir.   It is 2:16 AM on this holiday Monday morning and the vibration level in our house is so loud again, that I cannot sleep and my dog, once again can only find slight reprieve by going outside. It started just after midnight and hasn’t let up. We are being very patient.

I want you to try to imagine your home being invaded by loud noise and/or humming vibration, night after night. What would you do for your children, or your pets? How would you feel if your significant other or your elderly parents had to go through something like this, night after night? At some point I think you would have to find a way to stop it. At some point it would drive you to yell out loud that you don’t deserve this. That nobody deserves this. And yet, here we sit, week after week, putting up with it.

No more. We are one of many families that have, and continue to be, negatively affected by these wind farms that you still consider the jewel of your crown. I hate to guess at what makes a group of men force terrible living conditions onto residents, with nary a thought. You call us NIMBY’s. I believe every one of you is weak. If you can’t stand up for what you know is right and look after the people of this province, then your whole purpose has been a sham.

I know my husband and I are one of very few who are speaking publicly about this now. Why is that, you ask? Very simply it’s because we feel we have to. We have crossed that line. We tried to be quiet to protect our biggest investment, our property. But sometimes doing the right thing has to come before any other thing, including money. People are tired. People are so disillusioned that they have given up on having anyone actually take their problems seriously. They make their complaint, only to be told they are the only ones complaining and that everything is in line with the guidelines set by the Ministry of the Environment. If these levels are within the guidelines then you people had better start your research all over again, because I know you would not tolerate for yourself, or your families, what you are putting residents through.

Every new wind farm brings more distress to people, and yet you cannot wait to have our whole landscape dotted with these machines, from east to west. You show absolutely no consideration for people, domestic animals, wildlife and birds. As I write this, my dog is pacing, barking and whining because this vibration is driving her mad. How do I know that? On the days when the turbines are not running or are very quiet, she is perfectly normal. With all due respect to those in the world, who are living in conditions I cannot even imagine, this vibration is a new form of industrial torture, taking place right in our own home. Do you know how it feels to try to sleep with a deep humming coming up through your pillow? I tried to sleep with my head at the foot of the bed, hoping the vibration coming through the walls wouldn’t be so strong if I moved from it. It didn’t help. Nothing helps, and I can’t shut it off!

This has to stop. I implore you to talk to the residents in this province living in wind farms. Don’t discount what they are telling you. If they are having problems, only to be told there is nothing that can be done, because all of your guidelines have been met, then what are they to do? Where do they go when they are dismissed? My husband and I have nothing left to lose now. Our house is worthless as it sits. We put a lot of time, effort and funds into our house to update it since we moved here, and for what?

How can you even begin to support these companies that promote the idea that living in a wind farm increases land value? Give me a break! You know better, and yet here we still are, listening to you tell the masses how wonderful these wind farms are and how many jobs you are going to create. I ask you, how many of these jobs are long term? What happens after the roads are built and the turbines are up? How many real jobs, long term, have they created? I am sure you have the research from somebody to back you up. Was that a government initiative to work out the job creation numbers, or did someone help you with that?

I am going to stop now. I am wide awake, which is the norm in this house now. Chances are you are all having a restful sleep. Lucky you!

To the people of this province reading this, please do your research. Please stand up for your rights. Read the fine print in your newspapers. Don’t be caught unawares. There are no health studies or environmental studies being done. They are just being whipped into place without due diligence, and now our Premier has decided to take out the role of the municipalities. Instead of working with them to solve issues, he is rolling over them. And it prompts my question once again; why is the protection for people and the environment virtually non-existent in this program?

I hope somebody can answer my question, because it is much bigger than I can comprehend.

Author lives in the second phase of the Melancthon project.   Her name and contact information available on request.  Contact:

2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Dalton McGuinty

  1. People ask the Premier for a piece of bread, and he gives them a stone–the Green Energy Act. People are suffering sleepless nights because of noise from windmills, and all they get from the wind companies is, “We’ve met all ministry guidelines.” The tobacco industry meets all ministry guidelines, but that doesn’t prevent people from getting cancer. In the zeal to deploy these machines they placed them too close to people’s homes. And now there might be no way of objecting under the act to new projects. Shame on you Mr. Premier.

  2. The truth about Germany’s Green Energy Efforts….Summary

    Link to full report is at the bottom of my note…

    I guess that the Ontario Government feels that they are smarter than the Germans…If we had an Ombudsman maybe the Liberal Government would pay attention…Oh least it will mean lots of jobs for South Korea….

    Claims about technological innovation benefits of Germany’s first-actor status are

    In fact, the regime appears to be counterproductive in that respect, stifling innovation by encouraging producers to lock into existing technologies.

    In conclusion, government policy has failed to harness the market incentives
    needed to ensure a viable and cost-effective introduction of renewable energies into
    Germany’s energy portfolio.

    To the contrary, Germany’s principal mechanism of
    supporting renewable technologies through feed-in tariffs imposes high costs without
    any of the alleged positive impacts on emissions reductions, employment, energy
    security, or technological innovation.

    Policymakers should thus scrutinize Germany’s
    experience, including in the US, where there are currently nearly 400 federal
    and state programs in place that provide financial incentives for renewable

    Although Germany’s promotion of renewable energies is commonly portrayed in
    the media as setting a “shining example in providing a harvest for the world” (The
    Guardian 2007), we would instead regard the country’s experience as a cautionary
    tale of massively expensive environmental and energy policy that is devoid of economic
    and environmental benefits.

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