Barrie Examiner: Green Energy Act

 The Green Energy Act is an assault on democracy. Never have I seen an act purported to do something so good while cloaking a sinister plot to strip us of our rights and concentrate them in the hands of a cabinet minister.

 Planning Act provisions will be suspended concerning green energy projects. As it stands now, a proponent submits their proposal to the municipality; it is reviewed by the planning department; the community is notified and has an opportunity to give input; council votes on it.

 The proponent has to do an environmental review on the project. The public has an opportunity to examine the findings. If you’re not satisfied you can appeal to the Ministry of the Environment and request a full environmental assessment. Despite at least 17 requests for environmental assessments on wind farms, all 17 have been rejected by the Minister of the Environment. Not exactly democratic now is it?

 All those rights will disappear under the act. It will be between the Minister of Energy and the green energy proponent. Absolute power will be held by the minister. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

 Here are your new rights people–two quotes from the act. Read it and weep.

Section 142.1 (2) states: “A person mentioned in subsection (1) may, by written notice served upon the Director and the Tribunal within 15 days of a day prescribed by the regulations, require a hearing by the Tribunal with respect to a decision of the Director under section 139 in relation to a renewable energy approval.”

 Section 142.1 (3) states: “A person mentioned in subsection (1) may require a hearing under subsection (2) only on the grounds that engaging in the renewable energy project in accordance with the renewable energy approval will cause serious and irreversible harm to plant life, animal life, human health or safety or the natural environment.”

 From the date of the energy project announcement you’ve got 15 days to appeal. You’ve got 15 days to do your own assessment and poove that the project will cause you serious and irreversible harm. Your chances are somewhere between slim and none.

 This website has a link to the environmental registry where you may register your opinion to the government.

 Sincerely,  Grant Church