Dear Mr. McGuinty: Why do you rely on Industry Lobbyists for all Your Information?


  • Why have you turned a deaf ear to thousands of Ontarians and labelled them NIMBY’s simply because they are asking for a chance to have their legitimate concerns heard?  You once said in the Legislature that everyone should have “a fair voice in debates that affect them.” Apparently not when it conflicts with your views.

  • Why the great rush to install industrial wind turbines that will ruin people’s lifetime investment in their homes, let alone risk their health, when there is over 20 years of experience in Europe and elsewhere that clearly indicates the shortcomings of wind power?
  • Why has there been no revelation of the real costs of wind energy? Why will transmission lines and back-up gas plants be built at taxpayer expense rather than by the for-profit energy producers who stand to directly benefit?
  • Why should our seniors have to worry about a 30% increase in their hydro bills or buying a new fridge because they face a steep fine from your energy police?
  • How does gutting environmental assessment requirements protect our communities and the health of farm animals and endangered wildlife?
  • Why do you support the tactic of developers inducing farmers to sign wind leases that legally gag them from informing neighbours who will be directly affected?
  • Why is your government ignoring well-documented studies by biologists that indicate devastating degradation of sensitive natural habitats, like the Niagara Escarpment, by wind turbine projects?
  • Why do you rely so heavily on the unproven advice of wind industry lobbyists but so readily dismiss the research conducted by a coalition of 29 community groups who have spent years studying these problems in depth?  Since when does corporate self-interest supersede the legitimate concerns of taxpayers and citizens?
  • Why are the powers of local planning authorities, that exist to protect our interests, being undermined and transferred to the whims of bureaucrats with unwritten regulations that will be presented later as a fait accompli?


We are not anti-green. We are opposed to hastily conceived and severely flawed solutions that pose known risks for our health and the environment. Please don’t sacrifice our wellbeing for your political gain.