C-K Councilor: …a most disturbing proposed piece of legislation

While it expressed support for green power, Chatham-Kent council didn’t like the idea of giving up control in the process.

In a report Monday on the province’s proposed Green Energy Act, administration said the municipality should lobby to retain authority on planning applications, particularly for wind turbine projects.

South Kent Coun. Art Stirling said the Act, known as Bill 150, could have widespread ramifications on municipal decision making.

“I find this to be a most disturbing proposed piece of legislation,” he said. “That starts down a very slippery slope.”

On April 15, the municipality will present to a standing committee on the proposed law.

Chatham Coun. Anne Gilbert she couldn’t support Bill 150 the way it was written.   “Is this what we want? No,” she said. “We want it controlled in Chatham-Kent.”

North Kent Coun. Bill Weaver agreed, saying local communities need input on wind projects.   “It’s all a good thing, but (the legislation) leaves me with some real reservations,” he said.

Trevor Terfloth

The Chatham Daily News

6 April 2009

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  1. Congrats to the Chatham-Kent council for seeing this bill for what it is, a provincial land grab that is going to be funded by new ‘green’ taxes. keep bringing stories like this to the fore-front so we can expose this bill as a flawed piece of legislation.

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