Call for the Resignation of George Smitherman

We are calling on Premier McGuinty to demand the resignation of Mr Smitherman from his positions of Minister of Energy and Infrastructure and Deputy Premier.

Regarding the proposed Green Energy Act the Ottawa Citizen reported that Mr. Smitherman stated “when the act is passed by his government… the social and bureaucratic roadblocks are going to be removed.”

Mr Smitherman’s callous desire to remove the “social roadblocks” is evidenced in Section 142.1(3) of his Green Energy Act. This section of the act makes it legal for wind energy companies to make profits while introducing a threat that causes “serious… harm to plant life, animal life, human health or safety or the natural environment” provided the “serious harm” is not “irreversible”.

This clause is a shameful and deliberate attempt to favour the financial interests of the wind energy industry over the health and safety of Ontario residents and the environment.

There are already too many Ontario victims reporting adverse health affects from exposure to wind turbine complexes. Many of these victims have testified at the Green Energy Act hearings. To hear the details of their families’ suffering is heartbreaking.

Mr. Smitherman’s intractable desire to ignore and silence these so called “social barriers” or victims through the Green Energy Act is an inexcusable disregard for public health.

Additionally Premier Dalton McGuinty has assured the residents of Ontario protection from adverse health effects by stating:  “The province will be able to use the most up-to-date scientific research and information from other jurisdictions to develop best-in-class standards for wind farm setbacks. The Ministry of the Environment will be responsible for developing the new standards, and consultation with the community will be part of the process.”

In spite of these assurances Mr. Smitherman has demonstrated his contempt for this process by publicly stating regarding setbacks “the distance currently envisioned is 500 metres.“  Cleary Mr. Smitherman has a preconceived position and bias that setbacks are to be based on economics rather than health or safety of Ontario families.

This interference clearly demonstrates Mr. Smitheman’s distain for the consultative process.

Mr. Smitherman has betrayed the public trust of Ontario residents and must resign from his positions of Minister of Energy and Infrastructure and Deputy Premier.

5 thoughts on “Call for the Resignation of George Smitherman

  1. Smitherman has “abused his power” too many times and if his track record is anything to judge him on then he is due to lose this posting also.
    Maybe he would like it better in Germany!. I would personally offer up a donation to that end……….oh and please STAY THERE………Scheer would love to have you!

  2. Smitherman made a comment about his asthma in relation to the need to build industrial wind to replace coal to clean up the air. Bit of a joke. If a coal plant closes it most likely will not be because of industrial wind on the grid. No coal generating plants have been closed in Denmark, Germany, Spain or the USA so why will Ontario be any different? Are those countries not supposed to be the role models of industrial wind? With regards to asthma like conditions, we should try to imagine what it is like to be a bat, or the thousands (most likely more as we don’t really know) of bats who have died from barotrauma after flying through the invisible pressure drop area in the wake of the turbine blades. Drowning in their own blood. Not a pretty image. If building wind turbines is what it takes to be symbolically green the cost is too much. Forget Smitherman’s resignation. McGuinty should stop being a puppet, gain control and get someone who cares.

  3. This is all so ironic considering that Smitherman used to be Health Minister, and now he’s forcing legislation that may negatively affect the health of Ontario residents.

    I hope rural Ontario becomes more engaged in the next election.

  4. roadblocks removal…?
    Since when has Mr.Smitherman excluded himself from society, since he is clearly so much against it?

    This is the same society who accepted him for what he is, trusted him with the responsibility he is enjoying tremendously, and now helplessly watching how he is abusing and mishandling anything he touches!

    I hope Mr. McGuinty will not leave his despicable behavior to go unnoticed for long.

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