Formal study needed into health effects of wind turbines, doctor says

Dr. Robert Y. McMurtry, MD FRCSC FACS

Dr. Robert Y. McMurtry, MD FRCSC FACS

The Canadian Press

A former dean of medicine at the University of Western Ontario wants the province to conduct more studies into the health effects of wind turbines before launching additional projects.

Dr. Robert McMurtry says he did a survey of people living near giant turbines and found the majority suffered from headaches, sleep disturbances and depression.

He wants the government to do a formal study into the health effects to get a definitive answer about the possible harm of wind turbines.

Area residents say they have suffered illnesses since the wind turbines were installed in Ripley, Ont., and some have even had to move out of their homes.

Glen Wylds says he had to buy another house in Kincardine and is now maintaining two properties because his original home has become unsellable.

He’s experienced sore eyes, itching, ear problems, heart pounding, high blood pressure and irritability.  He says those symptoms disappear within hours of leaving the area.

Health Minister David Caplan says he hasn’t yet seen any medical evidence that supports those claims, but will take a look at any new studies he’s given.