C.D. Howe Institute: Speaking Truth to “Wind” Power

trebilcockBy Michael J. Trebilcock, Professor of Law and Economics, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law

I. Introduction

The Green Energy Act (Bill 150), now before the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, is designed to expedite the process of promoting subsidized industrial wind power in the province by taking planning responsibilities away from local municipalities, while remitting most key decisions to subsequent Ministerial regulations.

I have five major objections to the legislation.   Read entire article here.

1 thought on “C.D. Howe Institute: Speaking Truth to “Wind” Power

  1. I would believe a Professor from the University of Toronto over a self inflated and cash bloated “cabal” of Wind Industrialists and Government “pawns” when trying to come to grips with the Truth and Lies of a subject.
    The Wind Industry tries very hard to “look legitimate” but the smell of Enron is a very difficult odor to wash off. We all know what happened to that company’s salesmen and if I was a Wind Company executive I would use caution in spreading the word they are all trying hard to sell to the Ontario Government and Citizens. People in general today are losing their patience with “opportunists and greed mongers”. Wall Street should be a wake up call to back off!

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