Interview with Dr. Robert McMurtry about need for wind turbine health study

Dr. Robert Y. McMurtry, MD FRCSC FACS Bryan Allen of The Talkshow, AM920 CKNX, talks with Dr. Robert Y. McMurtry, MD FRCSC FACS about wind turbine health concerns.

From Tuesday, Apr. 28. Click here to listen (9 minutes).

For text summary of this interview: BA – Can the study you are using (73 people surveyed with 53 showing symptoms) be viewed as non partisan?
RM – I hope the survey can be viewed as a call to action by gov’t. 53 responded saying they are genuinely suffering up to 5 different symptoms that are consistent with surveys done in Maine, New York, and the U.K. Secondly, people are having to move away from their homes. Instead the response is one of denial of these people suffering.

BA- Do you believe as a doctor there is a linkage of WT’s to these people’s health problems?
RM – I believe it is highly probable, WT’s emit pulsation’s which are vibrations which include LFN. Research has shown that chest walls can vibrate with these and that the inner ear is in fact more sensitive to these than regular noise. MoE in Holland reported exactly these problems with people who are living near WT’s.
Instead the industry is constantly denying despite experts reporting that there is a link between LFN and health problems.
It’s interesting to note that those who are suffering are asking for the study to prove if there is a link or not yet the wind industry is saying no. The wind industry has never demonstrated with a proper epidemiological study that there is no health problems arising from WT which makes me suspicious.

BA- What do you say to the idea that the resistance against WT is really coming from NIMBY’ism which are people who are against progress.

RM – I believe the premier regrets this reference. I would have expected more from him since people have come out attesting to the problems, yet he denies the problems. I can only suspect that the McGuinty gov’t wishes basically to install all of these turbines before people catch on to the problems.

BA- The wind industry is over and over again stating that there is no problem and that they have done the studies to show there is no problem, why is the gov’t believing the lie than?

RM- First of all the industry has not done the appropriate epidemiological studies, their statements are false. They also insist that Ontario has one of the highest standards for noise assessments, when in fact Scotland has 2 km , France says max. 25 db in homes,( another eg). all of which are higher standards than Ontario’s.

BA – Who would conduct the study that you suggest,how long and how much?
RM- would take 6 to 12 months and considering the 14 Billion $ that our Gov’t is putting into a questionable energy source, it would cost approx. $1Million to clear up the debate. This makes me wonder why won’t our gov’t do the study. As for who, it would need to be someone who scientifically competent and agreeable between the gov’t , the citizens who are suffering and the industry.

BA- Would you say that the gov’t should put a moratorium on all proposed projects and existing projects should be shut down then?
RM – anything that is less than 1.5 km from WT’s should have turbines shut down until the study can show there are no problems especially when you consider places like Scotland who use 2 km. This is not unreasonable and this is what the gov’t should be doing.

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  1. Dr. McMurtry in addition to the insight into health issues mentions the wind as a “questionable energy source”.

    What does he mean by this?

    Thank you.

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