Tell us the real cost, please.

Dalton McGuinty says our electricity bills will rise only “minimally” with new green technologies. George Smitherman says it’s “about 1%” annually.  Put this promise in perspective. Regular hydro billings just increased by another 4% over last November’s hike. The facts belie the obvious political sell job.

Everywhere in the world where wind power is utilized, the costs to users have risen dramatically. In Germany, through a scheme called “feed-in tariff” (sound familiar?) electricity bills went up 38% in one year (2007). Spain pays renewable energy suppliers up to 11 times more than those who produce conventional power. Denmark’s reliance on wind power translates into the highest electricity rates in Europe. The U.S. government subsidizes wind power at $23.34/MWh compared to natural gas generation (25 cents), coal (44 cents), hydro (67 cents) and nuclear ($1.59).

An independent study advises that Ontario families will see their electricity bills go up by hundreds of dollars a year once the Green Energy Act takes effect.  Plus, there will be additional costs for new transmission lines and back-up, fossil-fuel plants to compensate for wind’s failings.

It doesn’t really matter that wind energy is inefficient, unreliable, disfigures the landscape and doesn’t reduce greenhouse gasses. In the first three months of 2009, Ontario wind farm developers received $38 million over and above the spot market price for electricity because of guaranteed payments.

What counts to wind developers are the huge subsidies at the expense of taxpayers that provide them their profits. Which may be why the CEO of AIM Powergen, the major player in Ontario’s wind industry, is also a senior executive and confidante of the Liberal Party.

We are not anti-green.  We believe good government should be prudent with public resources and answerable to the taxpayer. The Liberals are neither. And they’re putting our health, the environment and the quality of our lives at risk.

Why?   Because they believe if you slap a green label on it, the public will buy a flawed solution without scrutiny. Just like their grandiose jobs claim, the figures don’t add up.  When will we get the truth?

2 thoughts on “Tell us the real cost, please.

  1. Could someone please provide some references for the following statement.

    “The U.S. government subsidizes wind power at $23.34/kWh compared to natural gas generation (25 cents), coal (44 cents), hydro (67 cents) and nuclear ($1.59).”

    I personally find it impossible to believe that the US government is subsidizing windpower at >$23/kWh and as such have difficulty taking any information posted in this article as factual.

  2. I would expect the numbers that are being quoted are in $/MWh. Therefore the subsidies in the article would be overstated by a factor of 1000.

    Are other numbers within as accurate.

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