How Many Wind Turbines Is Too Many?

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Sir: Have you visited the wind turbines out near Dealtown? They are truly amazing, beautiful and futuristic. Green energy is the way of the future, but at what cost?

My family and I live close to the existing wind turbines and are suffering because of it. Promised to be quiet and unobtrusive, the wind turbines are in fact the opposite. Sleep disturbances, headaches, ear ringing, nausea and fatigue are a handful of the symptoms we are experiencing.

We have expressed our concerns to Kruger energy and to the municipality. They say they are working towards investigation and solutions, however, there are other proposed wind farms going ahead in the meantime.

There is a large amount of information on the web regarding Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS), and

activists are trying to appeal to governments to stop erecting wind farms until the effects on people and animals are further studied.

As I think about the years and years, and the many illnesses and deaths that had to occur before government finally started acting on the effects of tobacco, I can’t help but wonder how many people will needlessly suffer in the name of creating “green” energy and bringing dollars into the community. I am most worried about the unknown effects of these metal giants on our beautiful children’s growing, forming minds and bodies.

I hope the municipality and its representatives will be proactive and slow down the wind farm installations. Let’s study what we have now and keep in mind that almost any good thing in excess can become a negative.

How many wind turbines are too many? The answer: one — if it is too close to homes and affecting the health of our children, friends and neighbours.

— Nikki Horton,  Blenheim

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  1. I do not wish to get into the “for or against” windmill argument at this time. But I do wish to raise yet another concern. I am potentially part of the Invenergy Raleigh wind project and letters such as yours have made me question the amount of liability insurance that the Invenergy and other wind farm projects might have in the event that they are someday found guilty of introducing a health hazard into the environment. Suffice to say I am not getting any “good” answers and it is my well founded suspicion that overall insurance aggregation limits might place severe limits upon any possible compensation. On behalf of all windmill proponents (both for and against) I would highly recommend that the group lobby to ensure that all windfarm projects include mandatory and adequate liability insurance coverage. I believe that we could all trust the insurance companies to properly assess the underlying “risks” of such insurance coverage.

    Larry Yott – Chatham-Kent (Raleigh)

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