Wolfe Island: From beautiful place to an industrial wasteland

I am a resident of Cape Vincent, New York. Over the past decade, I have made numerous and regular visits to Canada. I have been a season ticket holder to the Thousand Islands Playhouse, have attended Kingston Symphony and other cultural events, have given contributions to Canadian charities, and have shopped, dined, toured and shared in the joy of all things Canadian.

Spring is an especially anticipated time of year, as one of my favourite things to do is to take Horne’s Ferry to Wolfe Island from Cape Vincent. The island’s bakery, restaurants, stores, gardens, farms and people have always made me want to spend more time there. Ferry operators George and Bruce Horne have been wonderful ambassadors for Wolfe Island, always eager to answer any questions, make suggestions and safely transport us in rough and calm waters with a strong sense of Canadian pride.

I fear those joyous occasions are now a thing of the past. Wolfe Island is no longer that beautiful, quaint place. It has become an industrial wasteland of flickering, flashing lights that have robbed us of quiet nights and brilliant stars and altered our quality of life in an unimaginable way. Some have already become prisoners in their own homes. People entering our community are stunned by the visual pollution, as when first entering Cape Vincent the wind turbines on Wolfe Island appear to be in our village.

I fear the turbines have done a terrible injustice not only to Wolfe Islanders, Cape Vincent, Kingston and Canadian tourism, but also to the Hornes. I hope their ferry business survives the terror of the turbines and that other small businesses on Wolfe Island can overcome it.

Sam De Long
Cape Vincent, N. Y.

The Kingston Whig Standard

1 thought on “Wolfe Island: From beautiful place to an industrial wasteland

  1. I have to agree. It’s a like a cluster bomb landed and dropped wind turbines. One look across the across the Kingston waterfront, these turbines are scattered everywhere. I’m not opposed to renewable energy options but this project looks iffy at best.

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