Life in an 86-Turbine Wind Farm


2 thoughts on “Life in an 86-Turbine Wind Farm

  1. Want the truth? Then set aside all the glossy propaganda provided by the tax-subsidized, cash-grabbing wind energy companies and ask the actual wind turbine victims what they think about the so-called “benign” industrial development now surrounding them.

    Oh, and if you don’t believe their gut-wrenching horror stories — why not plonk yourself down in their abandoned/shellshocked homes for a week or two? That should break the wonderful “pro-wind” spell you’re under!

  2. The problem is where do you move to? What if the place where you start over also gets the wind turbine nod from the Government? How many times can people move? Even densly populated areas are going to see wind turbines. The wind turbines connected to the grid are creating a lot of pain for no gain.

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