Devastation to Provincially Significant Wetlands on Wolfe Island

These are examples of the construction phase on Wolfe Island taken in March 2009.  Construction led to significant flooding of agricultural and wet lands, as well as roads.  Culverts, crushed by the heavy loads, were replaced and old culverts left to rust by side of the road. windconcern1
Note the photographs illustrating the expansion of the road in the Provincially Significant Wetland (fishing habitat, VTE species, nesting, foraging and migrating avian species). This is the most environmentally sensitive area of the project, the western section.
windconcern2Turbines said to be outside the 120m PSW setback in fact are measured from turbine base.  The rotary blades encroach the wetland, allowing in some instances less than a 50m setback from hedgerows, woodlots and wetland watercourses. 

 This section of road-widening was required to accomodate the transportation of blades to turbine access roads and to accomodate overhead powerlines.  A 200mX5mX6m stretch of wetland was lost, and no preventative measures were taken to restrict sediment or contaminants (as required by the EA).  In November 2008 CREC’s subcontractor, Canadian Projects Ltd, did the planning, surveying, hauling, placing, grading and CREC provided the material from a turbine construction site (without permit required under the Aggregate Act).  The company claims it was a Township road maintenance project and had nothing to do with the wind project (despite a request made to the Township Council in the midst of the project indicating this small stretch of road might require widening to accomodate the new overhead poles in October 2008).
This is the now the subject of a request for investigation under the Environmental Rights Tribunal.windconcern3

4 thoughts on “Devastation to Provincially Significant Wetlands on Wolfe Island

  1. This is a CRIME! No other words can define this act of destruction. It will be interesting to see if charges will be laid against the developers. If not then we can assume that our Government is 100% CORRUPT.
    There should have been an investigation BEFORE the damage was done …..not after.

  2. Charges should be laid by the locals if possible against the local council for allowing this to happen. I guess it will be interesting to see if the request for an Environmental rights investigation is granted

  3. it seems that under the GEA provincial energy concerns trump municipal environmental concerns. The Green Energy Act has some crazy search and seizure elements to it not to mention the ability of the provincial government to make energy policy decisions with no regard to municipal concern. sign the CANDU petition now, lets try to get this legislation reversed.

  4. We are facing the same cat & mouse game in PEC.We have no say “as Property owners” under
    the New Green Power Act” “The McGuinty/Smitherman LAW”>>>.Screw the people,WE shall rule over ALL Ontario and ALL Municipal Government established heritage guidelines…..Time to GO Dalton. LET’s Have an Election NOW!!!!!.

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