Port Alma Wind Project Victim Launches Online Diary


Picture1I started this blog because my family and I are experiencing symptoms we believe are related to the Wind Turbines near our home. I hope to create a diary of our story to assist others, ourselves, and begin awareness of the fact that Wind Turbines are not necessarily the answer. I am amazed as I research this issue to see how little is really known about the effects of wind turbines on humanity and wildlife. This is my first blog.

1 thought on “Port Alma Wind Project Victim Launches Online Diary

  1. How horrible to have your home turned into something that harms your children ! These turbones should be shut down until the problems are resolved.Children are more sensitive to stray voltage than adults.Ontario Hydro at Technical requirements for Generators Conecting to Hydro One’s distribution System http://www.hydroonetworks.com/en/customers/generators/RFPs/downloads/RFP_External_Tech_Reqt.pfd on pg8 and I quote “If there are negative impacts once the generation facility is in service, it will be required to disconnect and resolve the problem ”
    Hold their feet to the fire and force them to do the right thing

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