When asked who was opposed, there was a cheer, and the police moved closer.

Liberal bill has taken away rights of public to oppose wind farms

Skyway is proposing to build a “Wind Factory” in Clearview & Grey Highlands Township & invites the public to partisipate in an “Open House” to discuss the proposed project.

Upon arriving last evening, we are greeted by four OPP officers, which sets the tone for the meeting. Everyone is crowded into a hall, standing room only and are told there will be no questions unless they are written and emailed or mailed to their office.

There was no presentation whatsoever, this was no public meeting, just a sham. When one brave soul asked for a show of hands if they were oppossed to the “Wind Factory,” there was a cheer, nearly all the hands went up, and the police moved closer.

Premier McGuintys “Bill 150″ has taken away the rights of the public to voice there concerns, and made it a cake walk for the likes of “Skyway Wind Group” to make a quick buck. Remember this when our next provincial election rolls around.



Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin

1 thought on “When asked who was opposed, there was a cheer, and the police moved closer.

  1. Is this a brave new world? Premier McGuinty appoints his attack dog, George Smitherman, to bring in the fascist Green Energy Act. Now he dispatches the Gestapo to pressure citizens to comply with his political agenda. What’s next? Will he practise eminent domain and start expropriating homes and properties for wind farms? Will there be a police presence at the proposed public meetings to discuss the setback issue?

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