Tourism Concerns Ignored

Globe and Mail

It’s a sad day when Ontario’s Environment Minister trivializes the preservation of landscapes by declaring that renewable energy development won’t slow down “just to preserve scenic views” (Blowing Up A Storm – June 11).

John Gerretsen should visit – the website launched by the Canadian Tourism Commission to promote travel across Canada. According to the federal government, tourism generates more wealth in Canada than agriculture, fisheries and forestry combined.

Locals know these “scenic views” aren’t two-dimensional vistas seen on a website; they’re complex ecosystems, vital communities, part of the great soul and heritage of this country. Their passion to protect them should not be cheaply dismissed as mere NIMBYism.

No serious person would argue against the importance of energy conservation, and applying our best science to the production of clean and renewable energy. But serious people also expect our government and its ministers to be able to pat their heads and rub their tummies at the same time.

Carlyn B. Moulton, Carrying Place, Ont.