CanWEA’s Outrageous Exaggerations

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Data provided by the Canadian Wind Energy Association would lead one to believe that wind energy is currently supplying Ontario with 963 MW of wind energy (Blowing Up A Storm – June 11). During the seven days from June 5 through June 11 the average hourly wind energy delivered to the grid was 161 MW, the maximum in any hour was 466 MW and the minimum in a single hour was only 8 MW. On June 10, obviously a calm day, the average over 24 hours was only 23 MW.

Wind-power installations are redundant capacity. Unless we are prepared to experience brownouts or blackouts when the wind drops, equivalent regular generating capacity must be available. The only option is energy storage, which is not in current plans. Contrary to press releases, wind energy will not provide energy to offset coal-fired generation should the remaining coal plants be shut down. So, somewhere in our future electricity bill we will cover the capital costs of both conventional generation and the wind farms.

In any case, China, Germany and the United States are constructing new coal-fired plants that will make any reduction in carbon emissions arising from our ineffective wind installations a mere drop in a bucket. My conclusion: Wind generation in Ontario is simply a feel-good project – some might kindly call it a classic boondoggle.

J.T. Reid, Oakville, Ont.

6 thoughts on “CanWEA’s Outrageous Exaggerations

  1. Monday June 15, 2009 11 am. A Whopping 5mw of wind output TOTAL.

  2. People are finally “waking up” to the fact that this Provincial Government and their industry Ally CANWEA are basically building their case on published LIES!
    The general public in Ontario are educated and can think for themselves when presented with facts and figures that “don’t add up”.
    The Wind Industry and Government have adapted sales tactics that have been used around the world to sell this myth, unfortunately they are using the tactics designed for an uneducated and uninformed public, mostly in depressed area of the world where people don’t even have a grade school education.
    Too late CANWEA, “we’ve found you out” and now you will pay the ultimate price……”LOSS OF CREDIBILITY!”

  3. It’s funny, for something that is suppose to be “THE NEXT BEST THING”, for power generation, I have not read/heard one positive comment about Wind turbines. Everything I read and hear is negative. So please tell me, how these eye sore things, are good.
    Why must they be stuck anywhere near residentendial areas? If they must be put up and we all know they will, no matter what the public wants or concerns we have, why aren’t they usuing the East and West coatslines? There are miles and miles of unpopulated land and there would be alot more wind consistancy by the water than anywhere they are wanted to stick these things in rural areas.

  4. We would be so much better off if Ontario did not waste money in this type of industry. It will continue to cost electricity users and taxpayers as well as do damage to our environment with no real benefits or alterations to climate change. No real benefits to power production in Ontario. We have betters ways to spend money with better results. Anyone a bit of interest in knowing the truth can figure out how futile and wasteful industrial wind developments are. Jon Boone’s quote from his speech ‘The Wayward Wind’, “They [industrial wind] represent at best a placebo for our energy dilemma, distracting from the level of discourse-—and political action– necessary for achieving genuinely effective responses.”

  5. Even an hourly reports of industrial wind MW production is misleading. Minute to minute values provides a better idea of how variable industrial wind input is. The other question needing an answer is “Was the energy produced by industrial wind used?” If the energy is produced when it was not needed, it is not stored, therefore wasted. Why do we support an industry that produces sporatic spits of energy, not on demand but whenever?

  6. McGuinty and his money-wasting, green-energy thugs should’ve read this before signing the province away to Samsung!

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