Part I – This is Public Consultation? Report from Ottawa

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Does McGuinty Listen to the Public?

Key Points from June 15th Meeting in Ottawa:

  • Approximately 100 people were in attendance.  When asked to break up into groups to discuss, the crowd adamantly refused, insisting on a Town Hall type format instead.
  • A very determined and powerful message was given that rural Ontarians are very disturbed about this.
  • No one wanted to hear that 40 dB was like a library.  MOE was strongly told not to say that anymore. No one bought into the 40 db and setbacks.
  • MOE was asked many times by different participants where are the health studies you claim to have that support the  proposed setbacks.  Why aren’t these published?  Who did them?
  • MOE was asked who were the experts consulted and what were their credentials.  Others followed up and asked as well.  MOE was asked to publish these.
  • Who do I sue?   Asked several times.
  • Who is accountable for what may happen to our health?
  • Why are these meetings not held in rural areas?  The rural population is the one affected.
  • Why should we believe you or trust you?
  • Why are our noise and setback guidelines so inadequate when other jurisdictions have adjusted?
  • What is happening on LFN/infrasound?  This came up a lot.
  • Why are the setbacks so close?
  • Why are the specifications and guidelines not determined.  Why wasn’t this done before going ahead?
  • What are the details?  It is impossible to comment on a document so inadequate in substance.
  • How can we comment within 45 days when the consequences are so serious?
  • What will happen to those projects that are already having health problems?  Why should they have to accept worse setbacks than the ones proposed?
  • Stop building these came out repeatedly.
  • Why hasn’t this been figured out ahead of time?  Would you fly in an airplane before the safety had been figured out?
  • Lots of questions on LFN, health, accountability.
  • Why isn’t this taped?  How do we know you will tell what we think?
  • Who is responsible and who do I go to about health?
  • Lots of questions and statements on receptors being a building and what about a person.  What about property lines?  Setbacks should be at property lines.
  • There were strong statements made that our questions were not adequately answered.
  • MOE could not answer questions on the health studies.
  • Why is there no representative from Min of Health present?
  • The GEA destroyed our lives, our rights etc.
  • When asked for show of hands for those who believed our questions were answered.  No one put up their hands.

2 thoughts on “Part I – This is Public Consultation? Report from Ottawa

  1. this is a good sign that people are questioning these wind turbines and thier location in their neighboorhoods. this ball is rolling and we need to keep it rolling go and sign the petition here.

  2. I think the most disturbing part was that the MOE representative did not understand the EA or ERR processes. When asked whether constraints established in the environmental review for a project are enforceable, the MOE person on panel admitted he didn’t know what an ERR was.

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