Part II – Report from Chatham “Public Consultation”

Continued from our coverage on the GEA Public Consultation

Overall comments from MOE

  • We have done the research on the 40 dBA and feel this should be the max level
  • We have started a research chair and are looking for ideas, still in preliminary stages and role is not defined
  • We have enforcement in place but have not received complaints, have a noise abatement program in place, can stop turbines if found non-compliant.
  • EA process is now built in into the REA process; all requirements under this will still be required
  • The turbine height setback is based on their research

Overall questions from concerned citizens

  • No health studies on which setbacks are based
  • How we will be assured that our info is reflected in the new regs?
  • Public notice needs better definition
  • How will MOE guarantee our health will not be affected?
  • How will MOE address the quality and reliability of the data they receive from developers especially noise?
  • Receptor needs to be revisited to meet farm animals’ needs
  • Stray voltage needs to be addressed

Overall complaints from the wind companies

  • Don’t like the 40 dBA, or the min. 550, or the lot line setback.
  • They will not be able to build any more wind projects. 
  • Projects smaller than 10KW rather than 3 should be exempt from the REA