National Post: Dalton McGuinty, Rubber Duck Award, Junk Science Week

Posted: June 20, 2009, 2:18 AM by NP Editor rubber__duck

When readers were asked to submit nominations for these Rubber Duck Awards, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty scored high. He deserves it. The list of nanny-state initiatives foisted upon Ontarians based on dubious science claims is long and growing.

The province’s new Green Energy Act, one of the more interventionist energy-regulatory regimes in North America, brings in massive subsidies for wind power and solar energy, new electricity pricing mechanisms and regulations that aim to turn the Ontario economy into a carbon-reduction powerhouse. Trouble is, the government produced not one page of scientific proof that the program will cut even one carbon of emissions.

Indeed, the economic science behind wind and solar power suggests prices of energy in Ontario will soar. But not to worry, because a McGuinty government is never short of new laws and regulations.

Plastic bag control laws, cell phone use laws, smoking in cars laws, children’s booster seat laws, pesticide bans, chemical control laws — all brought in based on zero meaningful proof that the laws would accomplish anything. A truly worthy recipient of a Rubber Duck Award.

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