Part III – Public Consultation Report from Port Elgin

Part I – Report from Ottawa

Part II – Report from Chatham Kent

There were about 180 people at this meeting.  The lineup at the mic was pretty much 10 people long all night.  The facilitator kept marking down points made in big letters on a big easel with lined paper.  The request for a town hall forum was accepted.  There was no argument about using that format from them.  Questions went on past 9:00.

At least 12 victims of wind turbines were throughout the room.  Some spoke, some recorded, the rest supported others. 

The point that came up a number of times was that govt. must stop construction of turbines until setbacks are established on proper scientific information rather than literature review, modeling and proponent opinion and that govt. MUST also fix the mess they have allowed with turbines already built.

The vast majority of comments were on protecting our health, protecting our wildlife and in opposition to the wind projects.

One fellow acknowledged some of the politicians in the room (there were reps from a number of different townships) by going down the list of some of those present.  He got to Carol Mitchell’s name but there was no response.  He asked if there was even a rep for Carol Mitchell but there was no response other than a lot of laughter. 

AIM power and OSEA were there but left early and did not participate in the discussion. 

The ministry representatives could not answer any questions asked.

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