Report from Leading British Sleep Specialist, Dr. Christopher Hanning

“In my expert opinion, from my knowledge of sleep physiology and a review of the available research, I have no doubt that wind turbine noise emissions cause sleep disturbance and ill health.”


Dr. C. Hanning

Leading British sleep specialist, Dr. Christopher Hanning, explains the profound repercussions of wind turbines disrupting sleep—a matter the wind turbine salesman at your last town meeting, along with the wind industry in general, refuse to acknowledge, much less address in any realistic manner.  Having reviewed a considerable body of clinical evidence (Note:  Wind salesmen and Acousticians are not Clinicians), Hanning calls for setbacks of at least 1.5 km (1 mile).  Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD, would consider that inadequate.  She calls for 2 km = 1.24 mi.

Download full report here: Wind Turbine Noise and Sleep

1 thought on “Report from Leading British Sleep Specialist, Dr. Christopher Hanning

  1. Having read part of Dr, Hanning’s report we are very interested in his study on the effects of windturbines and sleep. We live in rural aberdeenshire and are currently opposing the council policy of putting windturbines very close to residental properties without a need to consult the house owners which we feel is so wrong. We have a turbine about to be erected less than 500metres from us and are trying to get as much information to put a valid case of objection across. I feel are comments to council are being ignored and need to discover the best routes to impress the very important issues of health implications. thank you for your help

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