Name Your Price, Mayor Vanden Hoek

JVandenHoek_2007 Apparently, the Mayor of Wolfe Island, Jim VandenHoek ordered the “86 Hands” Art display quickly removed.   This was done unceremoniously, under the cloak of darkness in the middle of the night.   The stakes that held the hands were sloppily chopped off and left jutting out of the ground.   Even the rock with “86” marked on it was taken away.

praying handsSo, Mr. Vanden Hoek, where are these pieces of artwork now?    Did you destroy them?    Are they stashed in your attic?

We would like to offer to purchase these pieces of art from you.   This is a serious offer.    Please contact us.

Last September a resident of Wolfe Island was issued a legal gag order for criticizing the way this development was being handled.    Now I see even silent protests are banned from Your Island, Mr. Vanden Hoek.

For background on the Wolfe Island project please read Dave Bidini’s piece in the Globe and Mail, November-07, An Ill Wind Blows.

3 thoughts on “Name Your Price, Mayor Vanden Hoek

  1. A quick review of a Mayor’s history with this development:
    1. Mayor wines and dines OPG officials searching out wind development. Runs up huge tab at swanky restaurant. OPG official reaches across: “Don’t worry, we’ll just add it to the public debt.” Boasts about this meeting in public roundtable in neighbouring constituencies.

    2. Declares no by-law changes without completion of an environmental assessment. Members of extended family rich with turbine contracts.

    3. Pushes through bylaw industrializing entire island with 350 m setbacks before environmental assessment. Backed by two fellow councillors who are under non-diclosure contracts with company, receiving $$$ for land leases. Bylaw is passed by lameduck council in week following municipal election (despite newly elected councillors in opposition). Two landlease owners/councillors abstain: voted in by two councillors from adjacent jurisdiction (who get $$$ in amenities for their community with no towers).

    4. All backed by John.

    5. Mayor refuses all attempts to adopt a noise bylaw. Invites proponents to speak on behalf of council at council meetings. Questions from the floor denied at council meetings, except company officials. Refers to opponents in public as “crazies” and “Wolfe Island Taliban” (apparently former friends and livelong constituents are one and the same as murderous, illiterate terrorists). Late states “I was misquoted”.

    6. As construction proceeds, Mayor systematically removes all constraints on construction times and travel for construction vehicles, leaving constituents to enjoy noise, dust, three to four hour waits for transportation. Denies responsibility for posting blasting times to secure residents safety.

    7. Mayor rents numerous properties to company workers at hefty profit. Denies constituents the right to ask questions of councillors during public meetings. Refuses to answer questions regarding the dumping of materials in wetlands.

    8. Mayor insists Township worker remove art installation in night. Boasts about his involvement in public store.

    MESSAGE: Mayor is afraid of art? Mayor is afraid of constituents? Mayor is afraid of questions? Mayor is afraid of company?

  2. If everything in sialkot’s message is true, I can only imagine the pernicious influence Mayor Vanden Hoek had on Prince Edward County council when he was invited to boast about his success at a public meeting last January. Along with Dr. Volker Thomsen, he behaved like a shill for the wind industry and helped to deceive many county residents.

  3. So this is what could be called a “Rogue Mayor” that is more interested in selling out his voters to the Wind Companies rather than support the taxpayers who prop this man up in his cushy office!
    I thought we had seen the last of these carpetbaggers back in the dirty 30’s?….obviously they are still alive and well on Wolfe Island, a glaring example what is so tragic with a corrupt Industry having their way with “shady politicians”!

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