Another Ontario Family Driven from their Home

Update to this story, See:  Natural Resources Canada Eco-Bullies

So whatever happened to Barbara Lormand and Dennis Lormand?   The picture shows it all. They have finally been driven from their home.

Read the Hansard transcript from Barbara Ashbee’s Testamony to the Green Energy Act Standing Committee.       After pleading with Laurel Broten, Peter Tabuns, Carol Mitchell and others on the committee, Barbara and her husband Dennis have finally had to abandon their home.     These same politicians continue to push for more wind development in populated areas of rural Ontario.



Peter Kormos, Ontario Legislature Hansard, March, 2009:
“The other day I heard the government talk about a 500-metre barrier between residences and windmills. Surely there are going to be people coming before this committee, and quite frankly, I hope that Barbara Lormand and Dennis Lormand do-because they talk about this persistent hum, buzz and vibration in their house. Just imagine that for a minute: persistent, always, 100%, until the wind stops blowing, even to the point where the dog is getting frantic. I have no reason to disbelieve these people.”

Read Barbara’s desperate plea to Minister of the Environment, John Gerretsen

Ms. Sylvia Jones, Ontario Legislature Hansard, March, 2009:   A constituent in my riding of Dufferin-Caledon has been denied the opportunity to speak before the standing committee for Bill 150, the Green Energy Act.

Barbara Ashbee is a resident of Amaranth and is today living with the side effects of having wind turbines surround her home. In fact, the closest turbine is measured just 450 metres from her house. Yet my constituent has been refused an opportunity to share her experiences during public hearings on Bill 150.

This is just what I was afraid was going to happen. I’ve spoken to this in this chamber on numerous occasions to voice my concerns and those of my constituents about the Green Energy Act. This act removes all oversight from municipalities. Now this government is not even going to listen to the concerns of someone who has first-hand experience. It’s important to the legislative process that people like Barbara Ashbee, who live every day with the side effects of wind turbines, be allowed to speak and share their experiences.

Myself and members of the Progressive Conservative Party have been calling for public input from interest groups and communities that have wind farms. I had hoped that we could all work together to create legislation that meets the needs of communities across our province. It looks as though the government is once again leaving out the most important interest group when proposing new legislation: the people.

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  1. It’s not just the distance in the setbacks it’s the Db above the background that is significant.

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