Sleep Deprivation at the Port Alma Kruger Project


August 4th 3 am – No sleeping with this noise

It is 3am and there is no sleeping going on at this house! As I type, I am waiting on the line for the Spill Action Centre to enter my complaint so that I can get a confirmation number and my little one is crying for me to come and “snuggle him” because he is also awake from the turbine noise and complains to “turn off the fan”…when I went to bed tonight at 11:30, I could not believe how loud the “woosh, woosh” sound was even over the ceiling fan turning in the bedroom.  Tonight is one of the loudest we have heard in a while.  I was able to fall asleep but have been awake for about an hour now listening to the sound…..

I was away in Toronto last week (3 nights) and although I had full relief from the turbines (all of my symptoms disappeared completedly), I was awakened by the planes flying overhead my airport hotel – The difference: when the plane flew over, it went away and I quickly fell back to sleep!  This noise does not stop and keeps us all from sleeping…my oldest has been talking in his sleep “be quiet!” he shouts from his bed, and, he shouts to his brother to stop making so much noise, but I know it is not his brother – who is lying quietly, it is the wind turbines he hears…

1738-7ULA8Q is the number I have been given to know that my report to the MOE spills action centre has been received.  It’s a number.  We are a number.  My family is one of many who are a number in the sacrificial game that Ontario is playing called “Let’s build as many as we can, as quick as we can, and hope for the least amount of resistance”….

It’s after 3am, I have to get up early for work, and I can not help but wonder while I get out of bed to blog and record the event, make a required reporting phone call, calm my little one, and lie awake unable to sleep – Are the turbine management and representatives who told us there would be no noise, no disturbance, and that “we would hardly know they were there” able to sleep?  Or do they lie awake nights thinking about the people who are suffering from the turbines and deal with their conscience and struggle with right and wrong?  Do they know even more about the issues than they let on and wrestle with their feelings about the effects of the vibrations on my children’s growing bodies and minds?  Or, are they at home peacefully sleeping while counting their money in their dreams….

August 4th – 3:14am:
Chatham Kent
Temperature: 21.4°C
Pressure: 101.2 kPa
Tendency: falling
Dewpoint: 19.7°C
Humidity: 90 %
Wind: SSW 18 km/h
Humidex: 29

5 thoughts on “Sleep Deprivation at the Port Alma Kruger Project

  1. Comment to Nikki’s blog entry ,Aug 4 ,2009

    I called the Spill Action Center yesterday,
    This is Sandy MacLeod, and I’m calling from the Ripley Wind Power Project.
    Q? What type of noise is it?
    A The turbines are roaring like jets over and over and over with an underlying constant rumble.
    Q? Can you tell how intense it is?
    A ..Pause…they are so bad their roaring outside and roaring in the house with windows closed/or almost closed ,my ears are still ringing and my chest is pounding. How bad is that?
    Could I have the reference number and the person from Saturday did not call me back with the reference number from yesterdays call, could I have that number too, please.
    Reply Was that at 1:30 pm?
    A No it was at 2:35Pm. Could you, please, correct the time since this is the second error in time recording.
    Reply I will have to put that in my notes. Here are your numbers, Sat. 8814-7UHNWY and today’s is 0882-7UKQFP. Is there anything else?
    Me…Yes, (and I ask this each time I call) can you turn them off and give us a break?
    Reply No sorry I wish I could, but, I do not have that switch.
    Me I wish you did. (He sounds like a nice person who would turn the Enercon 82 industrial turbines off. We were told by the companies that these were the Cadillac of turbines and they would be quiet like in a bedroom. They have dampening programs that could be applied at certain wind directions and wind speeds to keep them quiet. We have been struggling with severe health issues since NOVEMBER 2007. We have contacted the premier and his ministers putting in an official complaint of harm due to industrial wind turbine complexes in AUGUST 14, 2008!!!!! We have presented on behalf of victims all across Ontario at the Green Energy Act hearings APRIL 15.2009.

    Our MPP Carol Mitchell, who earns, from our tax dollars over $200,000 and who has done nothing to ensure the problems are totally fixed for the 11 people here and her other constituents in the Kingsbridge I wind project and the Tiverton Wind project. Now she is appointed to oversee part of our health services….rewarding of the MPP’s who follow the party line with total disregard for the harm happening to her people. Where are the Liberal Murray Guants of today? He cared deeply for his constituents and bent over back wards to ensure the Right thing was done. He didn’t just show up, like Ms. Mitchell, to get his picture taken handing out cheques.

    When we started to reach out to the companies and government agencies to fix the unhealthy environment that had been inflicted upon us in Nov. 2007, we always stated,” Put our home environment back to the healthy and safe experience we had known for years ( some 30 + years) here in the Ripley Wind Power Project and ENSURE that this DOES NOT HAPPEN TO ANY OTHER FAMILY IN ONTARIO.” a quote from my letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty JULY 4, 2008. I want each and every one of the policy makers to have their family health to be as harmed as ours to understand the severity for their actions. As my neighbour states there are laws that protect our pets and animals from such harm as we and our children have experienced from industrial wind turbine complexes, such animal cruelty would result in charges and possibly jail time for the cruelty to the pets and the animals would be removed to a safe and healthy environment. Our government protects and values our health less then the health of our pets and animals.

  2. I remember when Dr. David Suzuki warned that if you had been in an auditorium where the band was playing loud music and you came out with your ears ringing that you had damaged your hearing. Where is he now on this issue?

  3. It’s damn near time these politicians and eventually the Wind Officials who are “greenwashing’ their lies and promises that these beasts are not harmful, be held accountable by the courts for damage to people’s lives, health and homes through their direct actions.

    If someone had a loud party next to you and were making too much noise then you would have the right to call the local Police and legals action could be taken. What is the difference with McGuinty and the others who are destroying your lives?…I suggest NONE!

  4. The part that turbine-produced turbulence plays in generating infrasound should be examined by the same scientists who are examining its effects on local weather and air-traffic radar.

    The pronounced variants the turbines produce in air pressure should be clear indicators of their production of infrasound.

    Unfortunately, scientists’ preoccupation with isolated concerns such as weather and radar, have failed to address the inter-related health issues resulting from the infrasound.

    For interesting news articles involving weather and radar effects, check out …

  5. Why is no one in the government listening and making the changes necessary to help stop the impacts these industrial wind turbines are having on people? How many more have to be affected to make it matter? This is a disgusting beyond comprehension.

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