Natural Resources Canada Gets NASTY!

The following comment was sent anonymously to the post “Another Ontario family Driven From their Home“:

Please let me know when the property comes up for sale. Since everyone claims that property values will decrese, I will expect a bargain basement price!

The sender was:

OrgName:    Natural Resources Canada
OrgID:      NRC-41
Address:    580 Booth Street
City:       Ottawa
StateProv:  ON
PostalCode: K1A-0E4
Country:    CA
Author : (IP: ,
Whois :

So who is employee # NRC-41?   

Who would mock the tragic and painful experience of an Ontario family who were forced to abandon their home due to the negative health impacts of a poorly planned wind farm development?

Natural Resources Canada has been irresponsible by blindly aiding the wind industry and ignoring legitimate concerns and impacts on Canadian citizens and sensitive wildlife areas.   

Natural Resources Canada gave CanWEA $35,000 of your tax dollars to enable them to lobby against citizens rights. 

Natural Resources Canada has rubber-stamped every single wind project to date, regardless of the mountain of evidence presented to them.   This is the  “culture” we are dealing with.

4 thoughts on “Natural Resources Canada Gets NASTY!

  1. Sleazy little Government hack! Barbara Ashbee’s house will look like a mansion after you’ve had to go and find a box to live in. Maybe your “bosses” share the same feelings?………..remember who pays you…WE DO!

  2. This is disgusting–$35,000 of our money given to that dubious organization CanWEA, an organization that claims windmills are as quiet as a whisper. I’ve called my MP to get answers.

  3. On behalf of the Department of Natural Resources Canada, I would like to state that this individual was not speaking on behalf of the department, nor in their capacity as a public service employee. The manner in which this opinion was presented contravenes the Values and Ethics Code of the Public Service of Canada and was an inappropriate use of Government of Canada electronic networks. The incident is being reviewed and appropriate action will be taken.

    Bill Merklinger, CMA
    Assistant Deputy Minister
    Corporate Management and Services Sector
    Chief Financial Officer
    Natural Resources Canada

  4. All levels of government who are currently “enabling” the construction of industrial wind turbines within rural communities should be seriously reviewing their actions, with an eye toward their legal responsibilities. I recommend reading …
    Noise Radiation From Wind Turbines Installed Near Homes: Effects On Health … by Barbara J. Frey and Peter J. Hadden, February 2007.

    Its a 137 page review and report that makes a serious case that industrial wind turbines up to 2 MW being constructed closer than 2 kilometers from homes (and further for larger units) is a violation of the Human Rights Act, by the governments involved .. that both the industrialists and hosting land owners involved will find themselves liable for producing and allowing dangerous environmental pollution produced by un-natural air turbulence and its associated infrasound energy .. and that governments will face liability for compensation for the victims’ losses.

    A copy can be downloaded at ..

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