$235,000 Trillium Money Goes Directly to Wind Developers

The Trillium Foundation disperses monies generated from Ontario Lottery Corporation….our scratch & win tickets, 649 tickets and casinos.  The proceeds of that organization is supposed to go to community funding for hospitals, programs for youth, programs for homeless, and other charities that will assist the people of Ontario.   

But who needs hospital equipment or children’s programs?    Now it goes to McGuinty’s #1 passion – Wind Turbines.

First, Windy Hills Caledon  was granted $150,000 from the Trillium fund.     Now, $75,000 Trillium Award Granted to Aid Wind Developer .   In fact, since 2002 the Ontario Trillium Foundation has granted OSEA over $1.4 million.  OSEA now refuses to release their annual reports to the public.

  View Tom Adams video “Follow the Funding”.

3 thoughts on “$235,000 Trillium Money Goes Directly to Wind Developers

  1. We have frail and ill seniors who can’t get enough help from the CCAC because they say the don’t have enough funding.Funding they should get is now being funneled in to private coffers?What the heck is going on ?This scandal added to the one at e-health show this Liberal gov’t needs tossing.After all my life voting for them,I’m so disappointed,never ever again

  2. Here is a list of OSEA funding sources. Why do they need to tap into the OTF funding source that is not supposed to consider “politically active” organizations.

    The Oak Foundation

    Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

    The Ontario Trillium Foundation

    The Community Power Fund

    Toronto Atmospheric Fund

    Ontario Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure

  3. OK…now they are taking our dollars that we literally donate to help disabled people, community development programs and many other worthy causes, and hand it over to Wind Weasels who are “soaking” in the public money already!

    The next statement:The Ontario Trillium Foundation is backing OSEA and its partners to do just that with a generous grant of over half a million dollars to get community power projects up and running.

    This is illegal and has to end now! OSEA is another arm of the Wind Industry and is definitely not operating for the good of the general public.

    Disgusting!………..absolutely Disgusting!

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