Skypower goes Bankrupt

istock_000005152409xsmallRemember when the Ontario government allowed Skypower to scoop up all the contracts for wind development on Crown Land thus creating a monopoly?   McGuinty’s government created a winner-take-all process that would allow the first in line – Toronto-based SkyPower Corp. – to virtually control all the remaining Crown land locations in Ontario.

UPDATE:  Lehman-Owned SkyPower Seeks Court Protection

Shades of Enron?

6 thoughts on “Skypower goes Bankrupt

  1. First they give our land away. Then the people who got it sell it. What do the people of Ontario get? Nothing! This stinks.

  2. Good Riddance to bad rubbish! Now this is what I call Green!
    These Weasels should never be allowed to do business in our country ever again.
    Be very vigilant with the names of these company officials, they will surface again like clams when the tide goes out under the disguise of another name!
    Throw the Bums Out!

  3. For those following SkyPower’s restructuring, KPMG, the court appointed monitor, has a website for creditors at

    It looks like SkyPower’s interest in the solar PV plant near Kingston has been sold to an Alberta company, Stantec has construction liens on leased properties in Prince Edward County etc.

    I’m in Nova Scotia waiting for news about their wind business.

  4. I’m in Prince Edward County thinking there may not be one of those towers in my neighborhood.. In my backyard..
    I may not have to deal with what others have had to deal with..

    Thanks JP


  5. I live in Sault Ste Marie and north of our city is one of the worlds most beautiful pristine and scenic lakes. Lake Superior, often referred to, as an inland sea. I go up along this spectacular shoreline many times a year. Sometimes with my grandchildren and other times with my friend or wife. As far as the eye can see we have the same beautiful Superior that the Ojibwa looked upon for thousands of years. I tell my grandchildren that this is pure gift and we must stand on guard for thee.
    Wind turbines in this pristine lake cannot be allowed! We must stop this destruction of a very sacred part of Ontario and Canada.

  6. Gordon, your words are sacred music to my sacred ears.

    Same is true for all the Great Lakes, and all the lands.

    None anywhere!

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