Interview with Dr. Michael A. Nissenbaum

Download Dr. Nissenbaum’s Presentation of Preliminary Findings to the Maine Medical Association

8 thoughts on “Interview with Dr. Michael A. Nissenbaum

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  4. Pure Tones whatever the source that causes this health hazard should not be allowed in our air. It is noxious pollution that is a danger to all living things. We must educate and raise awareness . There are many victims who are suffering and suffer the symptoms described in Dr Nissenbaum’s Affidavit. It robs one of their right to peace and pleasure in their own home. It robs them of the pleasure of enjoying their property. I know because this has happened to my family. In Massachusetts Pure Tones are illegal, yet they will not protect us. We filed complaints in 2007. We have forensic evidence that we submitted to the State. To this day they have not taken action to mitigate this pollution.
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  5. I am trying to contact Dr Nissenbaum. Does anyone have his contact info?

  6. Office Address

    194 East Main Street
    Fort Kent, ME 04743
    Phone: (207) 834-3155
    Fax Number: (207) 834-3040

  7. Did I hear this radio announcer correctly?

    He was working on corruption stories related to wind turbine companies.
    Also, he was working on ‘conflict of interest’ stories concerning politicians.

    Gee – I wonder if he would share his findings?

    Did you hear what the doctor said?
    Gag order – clause (he saw one of the contracts)
    – requires the land owner to ‘actively facilitate’ the wind turbine company by going around
    and promoting the project as a good thing
    (forbids the land owner from telling the actual truth, if it happens to be negative)

    How more corrupt can you get!

    • Ooops!

      Maybe an aggressive way of doing business –
      but difficult to prove corruption.
      …..further to my previous comment.

      My opinion – hopefully, I am wrong –

      Gag order – in the grand scheme of things – it doesn’t matter.
      Land owner – bad luck – agreeing to sign it.

      The corporation is acting in the best interest of its shareholders –
      and, the land owner
      did have the option of – not doing business with the corporation.

      Caveat Emptor – in rule of contract – let the buyer beware –

      Protecting yourself in any property/land deal;
      the landowner could have and should have executed due diligence –
      conducted his own investigation into the company –
      ask for certain additional documentation
      the list is endless……….etc….etc…..

      – best to get a legal opinion.
      before signing any contract.
      But, especially when it enslaves you.

      So again, the corporation – by law – has a responsibility to work
      – in the best interest of its shareholders – not in yours.

      And of course – land owner – should act in his/her – best interest.
      Gag order – red flag alert.

      Difficult to prove corruption.

      Hopefully – my brief summation is all wrong.

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