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tombstone“The mighty have fallen from their thrones” the psalmist wrote.   It’s a day now since the news got out that Skypower of Toronto the Good has had a financial collapse, and to say that I was sorry would be a lie.

I am in a celebrative mood for one reason alone: my neighbors nor I shall not have to live with them as corporate neighbors! They don’t deserve to because they did not treat the people with due honor or respect.

They were a people with a book of rules and regulations but without heart, a group of men and women who chose the letter of the law and used it as a club to get their way, rather than to meet the people half way and live by the spirit of it instead.

They did what they seem predestined to do viz. to divide and conquer. Secret tryst with municipal leaders, faulty and flawed pseudo-Consultations with the people, secret leases with lessors sworn to secrecy, and unkept promises for meetings never held – all about a Wind Turbine Communal Home Invasion in the name of clean energy regardless of the cost to man nor beast in one of Nova Scotia’s prime pristine gems still left.

From all appearances, neither our Municipal leaders nor Skypower, had the intestinal fortitude to venture into the homeland of families here fifteen generations or more and many who have come here since, to lay the cards on the table and open a discussion with the people. They slayed, instead, democracy stone dead!

The issue for me is not the wind! The issue is democracy denied! At days end, some may have a few more bucks in their pockets, but there still shall be no winners. Another chip off an already fragile community demeans and cripples all the more.

Whatever be the future I don’t know, but as for Skypower I must say: Good Riddance!

Dan Mills
Waterford, Digby County, Nova Scotia, Canada

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  1. Sweet visual being presented here! If I was one of the employees for SkyPower who will be “pounding the bricks” shortly like the rest of the “unwashed” and “unclean” poor “saps” who are taxpayers and landowners that will have to pay for the above; I wouldn’t mention “SkyPower” on my resumes. Unless your applying for a job with CANWEA or the Provincial Government as these two “entities” embrace lack of morals, ethics and the most important thing of all compassion! If you still continue to fit that mold go for it you Wind Weasels!

  2. I wish they were really gone, but all that I read and hear says that they will sell off some of their assets and make enough money to keep their German Bankers happy. This in turn will enable them to keep some projects such as the one where I live.

    Of course is it a case of better the devil you know? We do not know who or what land grabbing country will buy the PPAs etc and they may be a worse company to deal with then Slypower. Do not give up the fight, make the potential buyers have to think twice otherwise you will go through the same process with another company.

  3. I can appreciate the sentiments being aired in both the original article and the comments.

    Unfortunately, the individuals responsible for project development, assessment, community relations, etc. within SkyPower (i.e., the mid-level doers) really do care about doing the right thing but are entangled in corporate matters beyond their control, not equipped with answers to pressing questions which come up during community consultation sessions, and not provided with sufficient information to adequately assess whether a project is truly appropriate i.e., the right place & size.

    I believe that wind energy has a very important role to play in our future, but believe that it is best developed through grass-root cooperatives for their local needs i.e., distributed generation vs. large-scale centralized generation.

  4. The last describes exactly our experience on Digby Neck… Getting information is more difficult than pulling hens teeth…and you know how difficult that is.
    Here we are told by SkyP that N.S. which has no regulations as to distance is following Ontario’s plan….So you see the mess we are in on a narrow peninsula with small villages located in valleys…Turbines are planned for both sides of the Valley mountain top, of course, so the winds will be bouncing from side to side, or”volleying in the valley” which is hardly a mile wide.with homes on the valley floor. Get the picture? Try sleeping in that with Wind Rigs booming a cacophony into the eardrums of our people….Oddly,I welcomed Wind Power in the beginning. Now, I don’t know if it is the answer or not, but I do know that the “HOT AIR” THAT BAMBOOZLED PEOPLE INTO SIGNING SECRETLY, AND WOOED OUR MUNICIPAL LEADERS, HAS CUT TO AND THROUGH THE HEART OF DEMOCRACY….CANADA, THAT’S GOT TO STOP!WHEN DEMOCRACY IS THREATENED AT OUR LOCAL LEVEL, YOU KNOW WHAT FOLLOWS NEXT?
    In solidarity! dan

  5. To Loki………..If you feel hurt or indignant about people writing “hurtful” things about you and your company, too bloody bad! Just don’t ever try and come back into our little town because we are waiting for any sign of SkyPower and will run you out like the “snake oil salesmen” you actually are.

    You people should never ever be able to work in Ontario or Canada again and maybe just maybe you may experience a bit of pain and anxiety such as what you have leveled on hard working and honest landowners..YOU and your fellow workers have DESTROYED people’s lives…………..hope you can sleep at night!!!!

  6. Loki, thank you for bringing this insight to us in the first place. I, for one, truly appreciate it.I do have trouble,without judging anyone,wrapping incompetence in the mantle of “morality,ethics,and compassion” though. I can’t see how this justifies or exonerates the process SkyP has used to bring this project into this community…….or any other for that matter,however “nice,moral,ethical,and compassionate” the individual “mid-level doers” may be. For a corporate giant “to use them like that” is to make them no more than high-paid “flunkies”.
    I am grateful to you for bringing this stuff forth.I hope people don’t shoot the messenger.She(Loki) doesn’t own the outfit obviously, and appears to have had the integrity and intestinal fortitude to get out of the business.
    I thank and commend you,Loki, for stepping forward and into the mix; I appreciate your defense of those who “are just doing their job!” I shall not judge them but hope and pray that they find better jobs.
    Haver a good day, Ontario! We are awaiting Bill.
    I wonder what “Bill” would do to a line of Wind Gadgets or Rigs-whatever you call them- on top of the North Mountain! Trust me, the Bay of Fundy in a hurricane doesn’t recognize our treasured mountain as a ‘FARM!’ (That’s what they want to call the pillage and rape of Digby Neck when it is “no farm” I assure you! dan

  7. The scope and time line of an Environmental Assessment (EA) process in Ontario is defined by the Ministry of the Environment.

    Everyone of the Ontario projects has had various portions of the EA completed as applicable given the maturity of the project. Many aspects of an EA are season-specific, requiring at least a year for preliminary findings to be made available for review.

    This process is iterative and ongoing, until all seasonal studies have been covered and turbine and transmission infrastructure locations have been finalised (based in part on the outcome of the EA findings and socio-economic considerations), which may then require additional season-specific micro-site studies to be conducted.

    Community consultation is a challenging undertaking given the differing opinions; I have seen many turbine layouts (i.e., locations of individual turbines) changed due to community response.

    Just wondering: What do those who are fundamentally against wind energy development propose? Are you interested in having a coal or nuclear facility in your neighbourhood? How do you propose to ensure future availability of electricity whose generation is sustainable and decentralize to minimize line losses i.e., the greater the transmission distance the greater the need for really high voltage lines?

    These are challenging times; if one is against various initiatives, offering up solutions is a more productive form of engagement.

    P.S. Relatively flat open areas near larger bodies of water allow for winds to developed unhindered by the underlying terrain – i.e., wind energy potential is higher in such areas.

  8. Loki, we are told we won’t even notice the noise from a wind farm.What a lie,go to Port Alma blog and read what a wind industry rep told those poor people.If those stupid turbines can be heard that loud in their bedroom,they’re too loud.What an insult to our intelligence to say they’re not annoying

  9. Hey Loki…Funny thing. I watched a newscast showing people who had lost their power due to the storms that ripped through this week. In this apartment building in Toronto, people were freaking out and furious that they had lost their power. They couldn’t cope for a day. Aside from people on ventilators etc. who need power and hopefully have some battery backup for such events, these residents were really angry and couldn’t understand how they could be treated so horribly as it was taking so long (a day) to regain power. They got media coverage.
    I think this government is WILDLY afraid of something happening in the big city as these people would go absolutely insane. They just cannot cope without modern day amenities. It would be bedlam if it lasted more than a day or so. And so, at the expense of the rural people they are trying to cram in these ridiculous pieces of industrial torture and the people who are crying and pleading for help as their health, farms and home environments deteriorate rapidly are shut out by the media. Nothing they say seems to garner any serious attention. How do you think school age kids can even perform in school if they can’t sleep?? Why won’t the media, who have been given truckloads of data and personal hell stories, take these stories and let Ontarians know what is happening? What do you suppose is happening here?
    Why aren’t gov. employees taking up the offers from homeowners to stay in their house to experience what they are subjected to? Why?…because they know what is happening and if they admit it their whole big fat green dream will fall down and nobody will make their despicable fortunes. There is no way in this world that anybody going through what these people are being subjected to in these wind farms, would be tolerated by anyone in suburbia. NO WAY!! And so it is left up to residents, 1 by 1, to try to get the story out in whatever way they can. If you knew how much time (years that you can’t get back) and personal money citizens in this province have devoted to try to get our government to listen you would be sick, absolutely sick. These people have jobs and families too, just like you and yet every spare minute is consumed by trying to get the truth out. You want to know whats really going on? It all here. It’s time to wake up, or you can run away plugging your ears like the rest of them.

  10. Thousands of wind turbines built to what every guideline the government develops will not make them an alternative energy source. It can be understood why some people continue the belief that industrial wind can replace other sources of energy with the information generated in production charts and industry claims. The intermittent production of energy from industrial wind turbines make their energy difficult to capture on the grid. Wind prediction in other countries with a lot invested in wind energy has been a failure and has yet to improve the ability to capture energy produced by industrial wind. Black outs are more likely when industrial wind mix increases as maintaining a stable grid becomes more difficult. Many good people do find themselves working for an industry that might not make sense. Wind has applications that work but insisting the present type of industrial wind factories could be an answer to any energy crisis is just wrong. To say wind industry is good because pay outs allow people to stay on the farms is not taking into consideration the people who have lost their homes or loss value to their property. Living on your property which has wind company interests and control should no longer be considered ownership. Ownership is clear title to your land. Signing leases with wind industry is a loss of ownership.

  11. Good Morning, as I sit on a lower shelf of the North Mountain between the Bay of Fundy on one side and St.Mary’s Bay on t’other awaiting BILL!

    Am most appreciative of the stir and conversation that “Cuddles” and the Obit has brought on-line. Of course, though none of it is new, it is good to hear it from another voice.

    The most difficult thing for us to emphasize above all else is conservation.It’s no new revelation from me,but why is it that we think that “more of all is what we need?”, and come hell or high water,we have to have it regardless the cost to the future….What’s the good in the long term of a more efficient light bulb if it leads us to use them more and more to keep the night sky alit?We could not have wasted so when oil lamp, or even candle was our only source.Safety alone would dictate otherwise. Who gave us license to consume,consume,consume as if no resource would ever be depleted? I see no change in habit. Do you?

    What we really need, rural areas,is a greater stab at self-sustainability beginning – not with 20 turbines for which we shall all pay in one way or another, to provide energy for the New England Market- but one or two at most on Digby Neck to provide energy for ourselves.That would be an intelligent step in the right direction. Why destroy this pristine all so narrow peninsula in Mammons’ name after all? So share-holders in Nova Scotia Power can get bigger pay-outs? Their execs in higher places, a million more in bonus?

    You get the picture, I am sure.Any ideas upon how to bring back common sense and responsible stewardship to rural Canadians before big business and misguided government destroy it all?

    Tell us please, and tell it at the election polls at whatever level…

  12. I agree with Zen2then and with Dan regarding self-sustainability and conservation … just wondering, isn’t that how Scotian Windfields first started out – wasn’t wind development intended to be a community cooperative on the Digby Neck? I assume that it was the need for additional capitol that brought SkyPower onboard; unfortunately, the more partners there are the more revenue their needs to be created = more wind turbines.
    Hoping Bill is gentle on the community.

  13. I agree with Zen and Dan too. Every other streetlight in the big cities could be turned off and people could still see just fine. As well, turn off unused light in all those office, commercial, retail and institutional buildings that leave their lights on all night. I was always taught to shut off the light when we leave a room and shut the refrigerator door until we decide what we want. I’ve been in houses where every light is on with TV’s running and non one has been home for 6 hours. How abotu some serious re-education for adults? School kids are starting to get it.
    I also noticed you still have not addressed the health problems that wind farm residents are experiencing, or is that low on the list for you? Do you care about people trying to live and work with continously interrupted sleep, heart palpitations, heightened blood pressure, vertigo etc etc that have all come on only since the start up of the wind turbines? What is it that people in the energy industry don’t understand about hurting people? Do you sleep at night Loki?

  14. Yes, wasteful consumption is a real problem; most of it is supposedly for ‘safety’ i.e., street lights, leaving lights on in store at night so thieves can be more readily seen, leaving TV and lights on when one is away to make it look like someone is home – other consumption is stupidity, laziness, and the fact that the government subsidies make it too cheap.

    Regarding the health issues, I have only not addressed this matter due to lack of real concrete information; I have read through a myriad of reports and articles but I have been unable to find any conclusive scientific / medical studies.

    That said, there is a book that was recently published and is available through []. I managed to download a pre-publication draft (i.e., most of the book but with some pages intentionally not included) a couple of days ago but am no longer able to find it online. It makes a strong case linking low frequency noise sensitivity to individuals with any form of balance disorder. Sounds very similar to strobe lights affecting epileptics. The challenge is to determine appropriate setbacks.

  15. Well folks, they did us in! More than that and much more importantly, they did in the future of the place for they have opened it to rape and plunder of every resource here: basalt,water,wind,and of course, tourism in itrs many manifestations….I’m going to stop for now…Just know that there will be 20 turbines,only one on the property of a local…..The rest goes to out of area and out of country folk….Trust me, I’ll be in touch…..dan

  16. Loki Why don’t you peruse the first hand stories and talk to the people who are having problems? Their names are out there. There are lots of them. Do you think all of these people around the world are lying? Do you think that they invited this situation into their life that takes over everything minute of their day just for fun? What exactly do you think they are trying to pull on you when they say they invited green energy and embraced the concept to begin with? C’mon wake up and smell the coffee. It’s about time somebody from the industry or government got a backbone and fessed up to the public. Like that’s going to happen. I just don’t know how people sleep at night. Go ahead, continue to knowingly hurt people, children, elderly and pets. Have a nice day.

  17. Hi Crazylie(v)s .. I guess some of my posts are too long so you didn’t perhaps read through to the part where I stated that there is scientific evidence in support of vibroacoustic sydrome; I would like to see further studies that allow for noise & vibration propogation to be fully understood so that real setbacks from houses can be determined.

    Current legislation, where it exists, is based on a fixed sound pressure level maximum with the modelling thereof being currently unable to capture the true nature of the propagation of the sound and vibration within the residential structure itself.

    P.S. I am no longer in the industry.

  18. Hello, Loki, from fog-bound Digby Neck…If this keeps up, they won’t be able to find their way here……No,no, please do not abandon the ship for at the end of the day there is only-the TRUTH, and as I read your input think not that you are unappreciated….

    Assuredly, people “living this experience of “no answers, no participation etc.” get frustrated at “the other side.” Bear with us- for I am one- but keep us on the pursuit of that which will set us all free.We need you. I need you.

    Forgive us when we get rattled, but down deep, we are good and caring people as are you.We just need to knock down some walls.To jump the ship now…….well,we, I think, will have lost a Champion of what is good and true….Hang in,please……dan

  19. Thanks Dan.

    Though I think that harnessing energy from the wind is ‘way cool’, I want to ensure that it is done safely :O)

    I would like to believe that even the most verbose & rattled are ‘good and caring people’ who are interested in backing up human experience (never to be under-rated) with scientific details in support of determining appropriate setbacks and best-practices regarding wind energy ;O)

    I will do what I can to initiate interest in the undertaking of unbiased, third-party studies, so that we can move beyond hearing about displaced families to putting in place appropriate development guidelines ;O)

    P.S. Just so that you know: The high content of ‘foreign’ vs. local land identified as potential wind turbine sites in Digby is due to the fact that
    a) wind flow analysis based on met data collected suggests that wind speeds are considerably more favourable along the ridge on the west side of the cove,
    b) more land was available in this area,
    c) much of the lands available on the east side of the cove had houses too close to the furthest extent of the properties which limited turbine siting opportunities due to physical setback-distance requirements, and
    d) the steep slope of the east side ridge made some of the otherwise available land unsuitable due to resulting turbine wind-loading, equipment transportation challenges and other aspects of construction.

  20. “Who has seen the wind?” Wether we harness it or not is not the question. I am old, retired,can move to some seniors place, I suppose, if I have a problem with turbines. But this is not about me.

    I thin

  21. (I don’t know what happened just now, but I must have hit something the wrong way….Will computers bring about my early demise?)

    I think the issue here is that economy has displaced people as the backdrop upon which everything is measured nowadays…(I know of course about the environment.)

    I know the people in Gullivers Cove.( I believe that 3 turbines on highway 217 were moved away because of the storm that would have befallen the proponent and government had Bethany Place with a hermitage, and a Spiritual Center been forced to close and move to the detriment of those who benefit from the services these Religious Women provide for the poor ongoing and that over 30 years.)

    Gullivers Cove sits on the Bay of Fundy,between two sides of the same mountain and probably a mile wide from peak to peak.People live and work on the floor of the Valley.

    These are resilent folk who truly “earn their bread by the sweat of their brow.” They pick dulse, pick periwinkles off the rocks, -both back-breaking tasks,- at the time of day dictated by the tides.

    One couple has, over time, established a small dulsing business, and in line with that have started an eco-tourism venture. In addition, they ventured into purchasing a nearby house and began a tourist home venture- the first, they had hoped, of more to come.

    SkyPower/Scotian Wind folk came into town riding on their white horses and staked their claim on “the wind”. They talked only to those who signed up and are held to secrecy…That’s not cool! (Some are kicking their behinds now for being so duped.)

    So now there are going to be big machines blowin’ in the wind on both sides of the Valley’ with
    the noise they deliver from 750 m. bouncing off the rock on both sides.

    Common sense- not that common in this case-tells me that there’s going to be some terribly detrimental effects to this couples business. (They are middle-aged folk who love this place so, and have no desire to relocate, nor know what they could do to survive elsewhere.)

    There is one thing assured: who is going to come for an eco-tourism experience on the Fundy Shore at Gullivers Cove for a day and then secure accomodation there overnight with Wind Things buzzing overhead?

    Effectively, Loki,these people will be put out of business, or as is said in the Maritimes,will be put “on the rocks!”

    Next door are Davey and Debi. They have a small emu farm. Davey works also at a small fish plant nearby….Davey is an amazing man in that flawed medicine left him bodily impaired at birth. He probably would qualify for money from the system. He never has considered it. He has worked hard all his life and so continues to do so.

    He began an emu business about 15 years ago to augment his income from his various jobs. Emus are truly finicky critters, and they scatter easily. What we do know that since towers have been erected to determine wind levels that 19 birds have expired. They don’t have lots of $’s to hire legal beagles, so are at the mercy (for lack of a proper word) of Big Business.

    Davey, as the result of the condition he sustained at birth, suffers from epilepsy, which can be triggered by even strobe lighting. (He couldn’t go to School dances as a boy because of it!)(I forget the appellation.) They can’t have striped wall paper, even, in their home…

    See, these are dear flesh and blood people who are content with making a living and peace and quiet. All of them! They don’t ask for much nor do they need much. They are “simple people” in the best interpretation of that phrase. What they know – and many of us don’t- is that “they have found the pearl of great price”!

    I have-as do they- a grave concern about the flicker which comes from whirly-birds. 24/7. over their home. Davey is a good man who asks for nothing. His wife,Debi, is a good woman and fears they shall have to move. But why? Davey is loved,respected, and belongs “to” Gullivers Cove.
    We need him here. He is a witness to resiliency and stick-with-it-ness….He belongs here.

    There are few I do not know in Gullivers Cove.They are good people, and I love them dearly as if they were my own.

    Besides flawed process at governmental level,I find it hard to believe that the proponents care at all about the people. (We had one guy,Dave Patterson, I think) who lied bare-facedly to people over and over, and now he has disappeared!

    So like you, Loki, I care less about “wind” per se,and on a hot day it is “cooling”, but it’s not cool at all to mistreat people who are so kind and good and of 15 generations or more on this land like ‘things’ .


  22. The ability of industrial wind to provide electricity to the grid system needs to be evaluated. The variability and unpredictability of wind is a problem that has yet to be solved by the wind industry. The problem is easily hidden by the inability to determine the source of electricity at our plugs and the giant size of the turbines that creates the illusion of producing something useful. Just because some wind electricity is produced does not mean it was used. Industrial wind is treated like a user by grid operators. When Hydro One announced that the one hour earth day does not save electricity and that it is a feel good event they were being honest. An hourly rate of change in electricity use (down from unexpected users turning off lights or wind going on line) does not generate a proportional reduction of traditional electricity produced since the amount of electricity produced was determined prior to the hour of use. If we don’t use the bit of electricity produced by industrial wind, due to unpredictability combined with variability why should we risk loss of wildlife, risk human health or use public funds to develop industrial wind?

  23. Prior to approval by the MOE re the Digby Neck project, the proponent engaged the services of a telephone pollster: 20 % was conducted in the Town of Digby; 71% in the remaining part of the municipality excepting Digby Neck; and 09% on Digby Neck itself.( I’ve heard of 3 in the communities (Rossway,Gullivers Cove, and Waterford) where the turbines are slated to be built received calls……

    Do you remember: “Very interesting,but stupid”
    saying of years past?

    Methinks they were very careful in their selection process…..dan

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