The Day Democracy Died in Ontario

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How many Ontarians are aware that democracy died in Ontario on May 14 this year?

That is the date that Bill 150, the Ontario Green Energy and Green Economy Act 2009 received royal assent.

As of that day, property owners in Ontario lost their rights as municipalities lost their power to have any impact on green energy or green economy projects in their jurisdiction. In Part II, section 4 (2) of the act it states:

”A person is permitted to use designated goods, services and technologies in such circumstances as may be prescribed, despite any restriction imposed at law that would otherwise prevent or restrict their use, including a restriction established by a municipal bylaw, a condominium bylaw, an encumbrance on real property or an agreement.”

What this means, in practical terms, is that entities like Asphodel-Norwood Township council will have no say, whatsoever, on so-called green commercial development in our community. They no longer have any ability to protect their citizens, some of whose health may be jeopardized by the illnesses that are suspected to be related to large wind turbines. Specifically, township bylaws and zoning regulations no longer matter. Many citizens living close to the proposed Collie Hill Wind Farm on County Road 2 between the 5th and 6th lines have been disenfranchised.

Whatever happened to the responsibility of our MPPs to represent their community’s citizens’ interests? Whatever happened to what we thought of as democracy? What rights will our provincial politicians trample next?

Graham Sanders

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