24.3% Increase: McGuinty and Smitherman Have Clearly Pulled a Fast One

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smitherman(Ottawa, ON) – Energy Critic John Yakabuski (Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke MPP) said today that Dalton McGuinty and George Smitherman have clearly pulled a fast one on Ontario electricity customers. Yakabuski pointed out that the recent request by Hydro One for shocking rate increases is proof that Energy Minister Smitherman was not being honest when he repeatedly claimed that the “Green Energy Act” would only add 1% per year to your electricity bill.

“This is simply unacceptable. How can Dalton McGuinty and George Smitherman allow this to happen?” said Yakabuski. “Have they no regard for what people are going through these days? And worse yet, the McGuinty Liberals will rub salt into the wound when they add a further 8% to your bill with the implementation of the Harmonized Sales Tax on July 1, 2010.”

Hydro One’s request would see the delivery charge on the average residential customer’s bill rise by 9.5% in 2010 and 13.3% in 2011. Some customers could see their charges go up by as much as 24.6% next year. Electricity is an essential commodity. While everyone is encouraged to conserve, this rate increase will do the opposite. As these charges are for delivery, bills will rise even when consumers use less. Yakabuski assures that Tim Hudak and the Progressive Conservative Caucus will not allow this to go unchallenged.

“The Liberal government was warned that their policies would lead to this, but they denied it or just didn’t seem to care,” said Yakabuski. “This could be devastating to so many Ontarians already struggling to pay their bills. We will fight tooth and nail to protect families, seniors and all electricity ratepayers from these harmful increases. We will hold the Liberals accountable.”

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3 thoughts on “24.3% Increase: McGuinty and Smitherman Have Clearly Pulled a Fast One

  1. Enough is correct… typical classless political foreplay. many years now I have done procedures to cut my use of hydro, recycle, and was frugal with my ecological footprint. I too, have had enough of these political clowns.
    Do Dalton and George have any idea how silly they appear when the announce such idiotic measures to their voting constituents!!!!!
    Harmonized tax, holy cow, George, what were ya thinking. I hope the people of this great country, say to themselves, whatever , I will use what energy I want and let someone else pay for it…… why not, the politicians are actually doing this with our taxes…… what is the Canadian deficit at now????????
    It is unfortunate Dalton and George cannot find any use for all that education , between the 2 of them, come up with a more logical and ethical solution for this issue….
    I guess I had too much faith in them. Not any more!
    I have to go blow out all my oil lamps now…daylight is breaking…..

  2. Dear Ontario Energy Board,

    We already pay significantly higher transmission costs than many other jurisdictions. Many companies and individuals are suffering economic hardships specifically because of our high overall electricity price. The commodity portion in itself is higher than the total price in some other North American jurisdictions.

    Weyerhaeuser and AbitibiBowater both claim that Ontario has the highest electricity prices of all the jurisdictions they operate in. Electricity is 30% of the cost of making paper. We have lost thousands of jobs in the paper making sector alone. Other industries have complained as well.

    The government’s misguided coal closure plan combined with the Green Energy Act initiatives and resulting transmission upgrades will be too expensive for industry or individuals to bare. Spain went this route sending industrial rates up by 100% inducing an unemployment rate of 18%. Industries warned the government and were ignored. Industries left the country en mass.

    People are facing either paying their hydro bill or the rent now. Imagine the increase in their agony.

    Hydro One needs to be better managed and not given any increase.

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