Canadian Hydro Developers Buys Six Unlivable Homes and Gags Sellers

voiceless_altAccording to the land registry office in Orangeville (documentation available on request), six homes in Dufferin County have been purchased by Canadian Hydro Developers after serious complaints; most recently June 26th, 2009 the Ashbee home. 

Before these families could escape the nightmare of their unliveable homes, they had to agree to sign strict nondisclosure contracts (gag-orders) to protect the wind company.   This wind company has spent over $1.75 million dollars clandestinely buying out these six families yet they still try to claim there were no complaints.

This list of residents is not yet conclusive.    
Family Name           Address
Ashbee               PT LT 29 CON 7, PT 1 7R742; Amaranth
Frasers               58234 County Rd 17, Melancthon
Benvenete         Pt Lts 284 & 285, Con 4, Melancthon
Brownell            Pt Lt 29, Con 5, Pt 1, 7R787, Amaranth
Williams             58232 County Rd, RR 6  Melancthon
Barlows              Pt Lt 1, Con 5, Melancthon

Why is this happening?

Industrial Wind Turbines were allowed to be sited too close to residences.   This caused severe noise and adverse health affects including cardiac arrhythmia, sleep disturbance, fatigue, increased stress levels and loss of cognitive function.

Their homes became unfit for human habitation.  The purchases by the wind developer are  an admission that wind turbines have created health issues that impact residents.

Unfortunately, the wind industry and the McGuinty government have failed to publicly acknowledge or act on health issues and the pleas for help from the families impacted.   This government is pushing this agenda with full knowledge of the existing problems and the potential for many more going forward.  Meanwhile the McGuinty government refuses to conduct proper health studies.

21 thoughts on “Canadian Hydro Developers Buys Six Unlivable Homes and Gags Sellers

  1. If wind power is so awesome why do they need so much government money {read as my money} to make it affordable. When power can be produced without any funds from the government then I will be willing to talk about it. I am not holding my breath though while waiting.

  2. How many millions of dollars is the Ontario Government & McSlippery spending of yours and my money to create a handful of “Green Jobs” for the lucky few??? Look at the waste on eHealth so far! Again the lucky few walk away with all the money and the tax payer is left holding the bag Were not living in a democracy anymore were living in a fiefdom.

  3. It has to be assumed anyone who has signed a contract with a wind company has lost their right to free speech. The company is not only gaining rights to their property but a lot more. When conducting media interviews, surveys or research on turbine impacts, how can these people contribute truthfully?

  4. Even though it has been proved that 300-600m setbacks are inadequate, CanWEA is unrepentant. In a July 11, 2009 letter, they made this comment to Minister Gerretsen: “…the mandatory minimum setback of 550 metres from the closest Point of Reception and the setback distance equal to or more than turbine hub height plus blade length (“tower plus blade”) from all roads, railways, and property side and rear lot lines – CanWEA believes that these two requirements, if enacted, would jeopardize over three-quarters of all “construction ready” wind projects in Ontario…”

    Funny how they’re not concerned about jeoprodizing our health.

  5. Honest and hard working Ontario landowners are literally under attack by our very own Government Representatives who we support and pay with our tax dollars.
    They apparently have forgotten who they “work for”!
    Not one of these people would last one day in the Private Sector with their “corrupt” behaviour.
    Obviously they have thrown away their values and morals all in the search for Power and our Money!

  6. I was so relieved to find a list of people that were relocated. They have such a tight gag order on people that you cannot find anything on the internet or anywhere where it gives you hope that you can be moved . We are fighting for our rights and this has been helpful. The wind people sat in my living room and said they have had “no complaints”. In a democracy…I am baffled how this can continue. Thank you for the information.

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  9. This is happening here in New Zealand too. People are being gagged and paid off. We hear of it on the grapevine, but nothing is ever official and the developers insist that there are no complaints. We are currently fighting to prevent a development in the Turitea Valley, Palmerston North. The developers have very deep pockets and are hoping that we will run out of money to fight with.

  10. I suspect that this has happened here in the UK already.

    One family living 850m from the Bicker wind farm in Lincolnshire, no longer wishes to speak on the subject of nuisance from the wind farm whereas two years ago, you couldn’t stop them.

  11. I don’t get it. If the sellers were gagged, how is it that you all know so much about the “unliveable” experiences?

  12. These people are not legally allowed to go to the press with the buy-out information. They can still, however, tell their story.

    A number of people were involved in an OMB hearings against a wind company. They suddenly dropped out. Land records show CHD bought these same people out.

  13. Hey, CURRENT WIND OUTPUT: out of 1,100 MW of wind power installed, Ontario can meet the needs of Woodstock again!!
    I am so sick of seeing this day after day. That must mean that after all is said and done 700,000 turbines will run North York or Brampton once in awhile, while we in rural Ontario all lose our homes value, health, well being and wildlife! Not to mention fish in the great Lakes. Somebody wake me up, this must be just a bad dream!

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  15. No “needs” in power are really met with industrial wind turbines. Hourly production figures taken from the IESO site are not broken down into exact time of production but what was produced within the hour. The power produced within the hour by IWT’s could technically have been produced in 5 minutes or less. What needs are met in the 5 minutes, in fact some of the power spikes will cause power loss from the grid (power produced but not used because excess suddenly comes on line). If IESO produced a graph of five minute production rates for industrial wind turbines the uselessness of wind to provide beneficial power becomes clearer. Hourly production hides how erratic IWTs really are. Who “needs” what could be a 5 minute source of power? Who “needs” an erratic production of power? Who “needs” to pay for all this?

  16. Start your private generators which will reverse your electric meter when power is not being consumed. this will definitely get the attention of Ontario Hydro and the News Papers. It’s all about who has the most leverage. Otherwise lose more of your Freedoms.

  17. Would anyone know the distances from these homes to the nearest turbine?

    Are there homes that were bought out that are 550m or greater from the turbines?

    Perhaps a map showing receptors and turbines?

  18. Neat idea George!!!

    Robin, map is great idea as the LOGISTICS involved in the wind turbine scam also need to be worked out.

    Number of known turbine sites across the province and their loction has been useful useful.

  19. Hey all…

    These “gag orders” are a huge red herring. One cannot negotiate away one’s constitutional rights under the law which, if I’m not mistaken, still include the right to free speech!

    I Canada, corporations DO NOT enjoy ANY PROTECTION under the Charter!

    These people can talk all they want. They are getting bad advice from whatever lawyers they are using…

    Those affected may want to look into this.


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