Let’s Get It Right Before More Go Up

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It seems like rural Ontario is being “attacked” by wind companies. There is a great deal of opposition … maybe we should look at why.

Wind turbines may produce “green energy” but they are not carbon footprint free. They require fiberglass, steel (re-bar), concrete, oil and land.

I have read that a turbine’s life could be as short as nine years. What happens then?

Are “decommissioned” wind turbines recyclable or do they just bury them or worse, leave them standing to deteriorate over time? We need to know that answer before construction, regardless of how long the turbine lasts.

Health issues are also a big concern. In Ontario, Dr. Robert McMurtry, former assistant Dean of Medicine at the University of Western Ontario has been studying and working with individuals who live near turbines and have had adverse effects (sleep disturbance, headaches, migraines, heart palpitations, and tinnitus just to name a few).

Is “wind turbine syndrome” fact or fiction?

An independent epidemiological study of those living around turbines would help with that determination.

There are lots of turbines up. Do the study … prove that they are safe. If it is found that people and turbines don’t mix … then the setbacks need to be increased so that people are not adversely effected. Let’s get it right before more go up.

Marlene Mueller,  RR 2 Gadshill, Ontario

3 thoughts on “Let’s Get It Right Before More Go Up

  1. This question is far out there,could some of the health problems be related to changes in air pressure ? Like batrama? I know the few times I flew it took a few days before my ears stopped hurting

  2. Just to clarify the impacts to bats. The air pressure change causes barotrauma a condition which ruptures cells in the lining of the lungs causing haemorrhaging and bats drown in their own blood. Other than a bit of wording this explanation is no different than what was explained above. The bat dies instantly or later from the internal injuries. The total mortality is not known and greater than estimates so far.

  3. Is sound not a result of changes in air pressure, or at least are they not related?

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