Read the Fine Print on Wind Leases

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Yes, I am for green, but not like some who seem to be green with envy or totally saturated with the green on green theme. So much so that they are ready to compromise with any salesman, including the government.

Just remember, “you can’t win an argument with an ignorant man.”

On the wind turbine issue, I found it necessary to write an easy to read “fine print” on the negative aspects of turbines.

There are five clauses which might mean the difference of “signing now, worrying later,” a predicament we could all find ourselves in some day.

1. If the turbine is put on my property, I agree to put it as close to my buildings or dwelling as the setbacks require and make sure my nieghbour’s home is at least 1.5 kilometres away like the ones in Europe that have been studied. We all know the golden rule — do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

2. I agree shadow flickering from the blades will be a problem. It will bother me for three or four hours in the evening and the same with my neighbours by the flashing beacon all night long. Dizzyness or irrationality will become a problem — you are on your own.

3. The noise created by the turbine is like a thumping base woofer in a car radio we hear each day at a busy stop sign. Only with the turbine you hear it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Be prepared to put up with it.

4. If stray voltage is a problem, no doubt the company that built them, and our government, will tell us “go buy yourself a pair of rubber boots” as they are a good insulator to electricity.

Where do you think you live, the Bahamas?

5. I realize that money can be made from these turbines but my land and surrounding neighbours’ A1 agricultural land will be diminished in value.

Who would want to live in the midst of these turbines anyway?

In the rural area, it’s our home and business.

“That’s your problem,” said the “salesman” and our MPPs.

What goes around comes around. Sort of like wind turbines.

Jim Shea,   RR 1 Dublin, Ontario

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  1. Time to take back your community! When the Municipal Elections are called next year make sure you have at least one representative in your Council that will restore the Planning Authority we all used to have as our power to govern where Industrial complexes could and should be situated. The Green Energy Act removed that right!

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