Night Turbine Noise

Could you live with this 550 meters from your bedroom window?

5 thoughts on “Night Turbine Noise

  1. the blade itself is not that bad imo , (I grew up beside the don valley parkway 401 intersection,) but what the hell is that screaming noise in the 3rd minute? ungreased turbines, or the pitch control kicking in?

    Is part of the issue poor maintainance or a lousy manufacture because I’ve been near some wind farms with none of this squeal noise.

  2. What a disaster! For me the idea about living on the countryside is that it’s quiet. That’s it. This destroys the whole enviromnent. :-((

  3. This video is shot from right beside a turbine, of course you will hear the blades passing by the tower, it is also a very windy night. In addition, the directional microphone used probably has a wind muffler so that the noise of the wind passing the mic can’t be heard. Presumably, most of the population also sleep inside where the noise would be very much reduced if not inaudible.
    The screaming noise sounds like a dodgy fan belt from the cameraman’s truck.
    I have never heard a noise such as this coming from any of the wind farms I have visited including Fenner, which I have visited many times.

  4. @ Cuthbert Benson: You’re obviously rationalizing your position (you must work or be closely related to either government or the wind industry). Infrasound or very low frequency sound (not heard by the human ear) passes through structures so shutting your windows at night and closing your doors does nothing to muffle or reduce infrasound. Secondly, the screeching sound you hear (a high frequency sound heard by the human ear) is likely from a servo motor inside the unit which changes the direction of the blades to ensure optimum wind generation. High frequency sound is directional whereas infrasound is not.

  5. …and, of course it’s a very windy night – that’s why they put them where they are – duh!

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