Under Attack by Wind Companies and Ontario Government

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I am a small rural landowner north of you in the Madawaska Valley and we have been literally “under attack” by the wind companies and our very own Ontario government for well into two years now by having our small communities designated as potential wind farm hosts.

We went through the “public consultation” that you have just experienced and like yourselves could not get any answers for our questions and no replies to written requests afterwards.

Fellow landowners were approached to lease their land to these developers and offered cash money to sign leases that would make one wonder if there was such a thing as honesty left in today’s society. These landowners are now obliged to allow these wind companies to use their land for a minimum of 20 years with an option for the companies to force another 20 year lease and on top of that another 20 year lease and another totaling 80 years of use without getting out of it. In addition the landowners would be forced by a gag order never to talk publicly about it.

Needless to say our small towns are now split with brother against brother and neighbour against neighbour.

My advise to anyone considering signing a lease with one of these companies is to take the easy way out! Just sell your land before any wind farm is built and move away. You’ll get much more money for it on the market and you won’t get sick when the blades start to turn and you won’t have your land devalued to the point that only the wind company will want it at a price much below market levels.

A better idea! Tell the wind company to “hit the road!”

Renfrew County

4 thoughts on “Under Attack by Wind Companies and Ontario Government

  1. If these companies are failing to properly research the possible impact of wind farms on health, and not providing answers in public consultations, then are they not guilty of negligence? There has to be some legal recourse for landowners forced to sell their homes because of health issues or declining property values.

  2. Hey Carl – where will we move to? Where will it be safe? My plan (if I ever sell) was to move to a safe distance in an area where they already exist; now I hear they will be constructed in Lake Erie, by the Ontario & US governments, so even that may not work for me. I have heard that the wind industry has aspirations of as many as 3000 in Lake Erie. There is already data indicating the adverse effects of low-frequency noise on aquatic life, but they will ignore this, still put them up. Where will aquatic life go to escape?

    Please Google: buxton-infrasoundandlandbasedanimals

    SkyPower has secured significant land rights through various landowner, crown land, and First Nations agreements, including over 850,000 acres in the Ontario market alone and access to up to 6 million acres of land across Canada.

    From ‘Quote of the Day’:
    My rule of thumb is 60 acres per megawatt for wind farms on land. ~Tom Gray, Director of Communications and Outreach, American Wind Energy Assocation

    That’s 50,000 – 2MW turbines across Canada.
    That’s over 7000 – 2MW turbines across Ontario.
    That’s just one company.

    How many acres per megawatt in water?
    How will ILFN travel across water? Through water?
    How will ILFN travel across ice? Through ice?
    We are in deep, deep trouble.

    Kay Armstrong

  3. Oh yeah – forgot to mention; they’re also saying construction of industrial wind turbines in water cost twice as much to build and twice as much to maintain. I’ll bet we’ll more than double our hydro bill in the upcoming years.


  4. I would suggest that the Wind Industry as a whole will be found to be “criminally negligent” in the near future for their actions on residents of our once beautiful Province and I would also suggest that the Liberal Party as a whole get prepared for a very large investigation on their “involvement” in allowing this destructive agenda to succeed!
    Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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