Wind Impact Study – Property Values, Health and Quality of Life

Download Appraisal Group One Wind Turbine Impact Study (4 MB, .pdf) Released 09/09/09    

Appraisal Group One is an independent appraisal company specializing in forensic appraisal, eminent domain, stigmatized properties and valuation research.

Conclusion:  After reviewing articles and studies on wind energy, wind turbines appear to have a negative impact on the property values, health, and quality of life of residents in close proximity. Of the studies that found no impact on property value, nearly all were funded by wind farm developers or renewable energy advocacy groups. Of the studies and reports showing property loss, the average negative effect is -20.7%.

It is equally reasonable to conclude that some residents in close proximity to wind turbines experience genuine negative health effects from Low Frequency Noise, infrasound and blade flicker. Of the studies and reports cited, an average setback of little over a mile should significantly lessen detrimental health effects. In addition to noise and flicker issues, disrupted TV and cell phone receptions contribute to negatively impact the quality of life for residents living in close proximity to wind turbines.

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  1. The gov’t of Canada already knows this, in the paper “Turbulent Energy: The Pros and Cons of Wind Power” a study done by them for them, on pg 9 ” there is evidence that both the visual and noise pollution do have an economic impact in the form of lowered property values. Estimates from Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands all sugest that property values may be decreased by 30% by the visible presence of wind turbines” As usual the gov’t doesn’t care about the us

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