Wind Industry Under Scrutiny by Health Canada

“Health Canada advises that this statement be revised to indicate that there are peer reviewed scientific articles indicating that wind turbines may have an adverse impact on human health.”

Source:  Health Canada’s response to the Digby Wind Power Project Addendum,
Digby, Nova Scotia. Author: Safe Environments Program, Regions and Programs Branch, Health Canada

Despite overwhelming worldwide evidence and hundreds of health impact statements from victims of wind turbine syndrome, the wind industry likes to tell people that “there is no peer-reviewed scientific evidence indicating wind turbines have an adverse impact on human health” (this statement is taken directly from actual applications for approval to build industrial wind turbines).

Health Canada disagrees.  Furthermore, Health Canada provides specific references to these studies.  Health Canada also identifies statements in these applications which they deem “misleading.”

Would the wind industry say Health Canada is “making things up?”  They instead try to discredit citizen groups with limited resources, such as ours, in an effort to obscure the facts. Yet the information is easily available to anyone willing to do a little research.

It’s easy to discredit people with sweeping but baseless generalizations. This is how the public was deceived about the dangers of cigarette smoking and asbestos contamination. Don’t accept the “greenwashing” of wind proponents at face value. It might seem appealing on the surface but it fails to deliver under scrutiny.

We expect our governments to protect us. It seems the federal government is starting to listen. What about our provincial government? Why do they accept the unsubstantiated claims of the wind industry without asking the hard questions? Premier McGuinty says feebly that “there should be a health study.” Is that the best the province can do to protect our families from harm?

Isn’t it time you asked Ontario MPPs to listen to your concerns? Shouldn’t they be asking some hard questions on your behalf?

We also suggest it’s time you started asking wind proponents to back up their claims with specific sources and references you can check out for yourself.  That’s what we do.  Because we’re accountable for what we say.

2 thoughts on “Wind Industry Under Scrutiny by Health Canada

  1. That’s what I like to hear. From demonizing the nuclear industry to disingenuously labeling natural gas plants under its renewable installations portfolio, the Ontario government is now having to answer some tough questions about the GEA. I wonder why Smitherman is jumping ship….

  2. This statement proves that not all government officials and public servants can be bought off or silenced into supporting the misinformation repeated by industrial wind industry and ignorant government managers. More public servants need to report what they know to be true if they follow their own policies and direction to serve in the best interest of the Canadian people.

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