OCFA Meeting – What do you call nine months of sleep deprivation?


“The last six of these turbines came on on Nov. 22, 2008,” Stephana Johnston said after the meeting. “Until then, I was just looking at them from a great distance. At that point, my life fell apart.  The sleep deprivation is incredible.  In the U.S., they’re trying to decide if one or two days of sleep deprivation constitutes torture.

“What do you call nine months of sleep deprivation?”

Residents remain divided over wind energy issue

Posted By Bruce Urquhart, SENTINEL-REVIEW

While the question-and-answer period was cut short as the emotionally charged meeting deteriorated into shouted accusations, the opponents of industrial wind turbine developments managed to make their point.

Speaker Joan Morris explained to the Oxford County Federation of Agriculture (OCFA) members at Thursday’s public information session that a comprehensive epidemiological study had yet to be completed on the possible adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines. With almost 100 suspected victims from other wind-turbine developments in Ontario, Morris, a member of the Oxford Wind Action group, said new projects should be delayed by the Ontario government until there is a better understanding of their health impacts.  Read Entire Article Here

2 thoughts on “OCFA Meeting – What do you call nine months of sleep deprivation?

  1. That 686 deaths from pollution from Ontario coal plants is government propaganda. Here in the Haldimand Norfolk area–the worst effected and at only 5%–we should all be dieing off like flies, but we’re not. Most here want emission controls installed, but the government has refused to install them. Instead they want to put windmills on our door steps. We’ve had at least two proponents want to install 60-100 windmills in wide sprawling sections of the area.

    They say we’re dieing, and we’re not; we tell them we are suffering because of windmills, and they say we’re not.

    Thank you Dalton, but you’re fired.

  2. On that note: IF the Government is admitting that coal fired generation is responsible for Deaths and actually has the figures to back it up, then why isn’t the Government being sued for Wrongful Deaths or Manslaughter or some other lawsuit by the families of the poor souls who are supposed to have died from the pollution?
    So basically the Government is saying that their coal fired generation is responsible for killing Ontarians but we should now forgive them because they are now going to save our lives by installing gas fired generation that actually pollutes worse than coal fired if the coal fired generators had state of the art scrubbers on them…….but Hey!..why let common sense and legitimate questions get in the way of Government BS and Insanity!

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