Low Frequency Noise and Infrasound – Animals

featured_g969003_beloved-horsesPossible causes and effects upon land-based animals and freshwater creatures
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Excerpt:   Unless the problem is recognised as real and acute the potential for further chronic and significant harm to land based animals and fresh water creatures.

2 thoughts on “Low Frequency Noise and Infrasound – Animals

  1. 18 – 1.62KMW turbines vibrate my bed at night; just imagine what 880 – 5MW turbines will do for erosion to the clay banks of Lake Erie. This article is lengthy, but is well worth the read when one considers close to 1000 turbines in Lake Erie, and that’s just the Canadian side.

    Kay Armstrong

  2. Hello Dr Petrie – I live in Clear Creek adjacent to the wind farm. Once again, I’ve been woken up by the turbines. I can hear the deep humming sound and I can feel the vibrations through my entire house. Both are even more detectable when I lay my head down to sleep. I can hear and feel them through my pillow.

    I can also hear the sound of killdeer outside, and it occurs to me that this isn’t the first time I’ve heard them at strange hours of the night. They seem especially agitated right now, and it strikes me that they, these birds that roost on the ground, are feeling what I’m feeling, perhaps to an even larger degree since they have direct contact to the ground. The vibrations have woken them up as well and they are flying around throughout the night in order to escape them. In fact, these poor creatures have it even worse than I do because they have to keep flying and expend energy in order to be free of the vibrations that are disturbing what they had deemed home for the night. These birds are going to be exhausted before migration even starts. With industrial wind farms from northern Ontario down through the States, where will these birds ever find a resting spot?

    Another thing. There are no frogs in my pond this year. It takes 150 paces to circle my pond. It used to be with each step or so I could hear one jump into the water. I don’t believe they could see me coming for all the bullrushes around the edges and with banks 5 to 20 feet high. They were able to detect my footsteps as I approached. It would be my guess that these vibrations are intolerable to them as well. Either that or the vibrations have stopped the eggs from developing. But they’re not there anymore. Not one.

    Kay Armstrong

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