Wolfe Island wind turbine project should serve as a warning

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schumer2-afterWith all the letters and editorials this summer in the Watertown Daily Times regarding the Wolfe Island wind project, (at least two or three a week), it’s surprising that there has been so little about this subject in the Whig-Standard. Do the people of Kingston and area enjoy the new scenery with the flashing red lights, or do they care? Maybe those who care have just given up on the process. “They’re going to put them up anyway” has become the attitude.

One of the most beautiful areas of the North American continent has become the target for wind turbine projects put up by giant international corporations that, if they have their way, plan to fill the entire Great Lakes basin with these industrial parks.

There is a lot more to the issue than being for or against “green” energy. In Ontario (and New York state), the control of wind energy has been put into the hands of large international corporations, which has turned the whole “green” energy movement on its head. Residents of some municipalities in Ontario no longer have a say in what happens to their communities. A handful of landowners are able to dictate not only what the people in their own community, but the thousands of people in a 20-to-25-mile radius, must live with.

People, like myself, who once fully supported the idea of wind energy are now so upset with the lopsided and unfair corporate deals and processes that went on in public and behind the scenes within their local and provincial governments that any new “green energy” project coming their way will be looked at with a jaundiced eye. There will not be the support for these “green” projects that a person new to this issue would expect.

The Wolfe Island wind turbine project should serve as a warning to all the rural communities around the Great Lakes. These communities should take careful note of what has happened on Wolfe Island so that they can prevent the same thing from happening to them.

Bruce Horne Wolfe Island

2 thoughts on “Wolfe Island wind turbine project should serve as a warning

  1. I think we need to insist on MOE getting the proper measurement & recording equipment that would validate our point. I think that the MOE is the only avenue we are able to use that would impede further construction, especially with the relatively few victims coming forth at this point. I live in an area where there are over 100 turbines, and there are maybe 4 or 5 other people that I know of who are actually taking ‘action’. I wonder how many victims are being satisfied with treatment by their family doctors by way of sleeping pills, anti-depressants, pain killers etc. These, along with the people who are worried about reduced property values and the ones who are gagged & silenced; it’s no wonder our numbers are small.
    I have talked to my MOE officer, and maybe I’m wrong, but he does seem sympathetic towards us. He tells me their time is restricted, and that he has put in requests for the necessary equipment. I’m not even sure he knows what the necessary equipment is. He tells me that even though this is a ‘top priority’ issue, it is not the only issue, and they don’t have enough staff to dedicate any more time than what they are currently devoting to it. The obstacle seems to be at a higher level than him.
    Their most recent assessment at 4 AM this morning involved watching me lay on my bed, trying to detect the tremors that woke me up. How-ridiculous-is-that?
    There is no excuse in this day & age for the MOE to be relying on their officers’ sensory perceptions alone, and there is no excuse for them to not purchase said equipment with the advent of 1000’s of turbines coming our way. We all know that sound frequencies can be measured in dBA, dBC, dBG scales; I’ve read articles that state seismic vibrations can be measured as far away as ten miles from wind farms.
    Our government has diverted enough funds towards the creation of wind farms; surely they can fund the equipment & training necessary to measure the impact of wind farms on our environment. Surely it is their duty. Let’s see them create some of the ‘green jobs’ the wind industry is boasting.
    The time is crucial. Right here, right now, is the only opportunity that will be available for Ontario to set a shining example to the world as to how this should be done, if indeed it should be done at all. An opportunity to show that our government does things right and puts the concerns of their constituents before those of the wind industry.

  2. There is a complete “disconnect” from the “workers” at MOE and their “Overlords” in order that Smitherman and McGuinty can forge ahead with their Green Energy Nightmare. Gerettson seems absolutely “oblivious” to any hard evidence that these 400 foot monsters actually cause major Health Problems in people living within their presence.

    This was summed up very clearly the other day on Focus Ontario when Kris Stephenson from The Green Energy Act Alliance was asked “if there is no Health Concerns then why are we seeing so many complaints from residents amongst the Wind Farms and his answer was a ridiculous: Oh, they are probably people who are mad or jealous that they didn’t get a good deal from the Wind Companies like the Lease Holders received”.

    This sums up the attitude and false rhetoric being blurted out by Smnitherman, Canwea and any other spokesman for this destructive agenda which will implode on them very shortly!

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