We cannot accept this for rural Ontario


Home in Shelbourne Vacated Due to Turbine Noise/Vibrations

Many welcomed “green energy” into their community although some felt unease at a 400 foot tower with its massive base being placed so close to their home. They were reassured by the wind company that the turbines were as quiet as a whisper in a library and would be no trouble.

First comes the construction period with loads and loads of concrete, steel, transportation of massive turbine parts, new transmission lines, access roads and transformer stations.

Then the turbines start up.

Some people have problems immediately, some find it takes days, weeks or a few months to start to feel the effects. Symptoms dissipate or disappear when they leave their home but return when they go back. The people who are home the most tend to feel the effects quickly and more severely; stay at home moms, young children, retired people, people working from home, but it most certainly isn’t limited to that group.

The #1 problem is sleep deprivation night after night after night from both audible noise and from a ‘humming’ that seems to come up through the pillow. The severity of this changes with the weather and wind speed. Other problems that many experience are headaches, tinnitus, unexplained anxiety, muscle and joint aches and hypertensive episodes. Some talk about feeling their own heart trying to beat in time with the rotating turbines. Some have sores that won’t heal, earaches and chest pain.

Why don’t these people just tell the authorities about what is going on? We have regulations and standards in Ontario, don’t we?

People who are brave enough to come forward to say that wind turbines are causing problems are told they are the only family having a problem, that they are overly sensitive or chronic complainers. Sound tests drag on for weeks, then months as the person’s health deteriorates by increments every day. I have personally seen two noise test results, the testing done by wind company testers, well over compliance for sound allowed. The results were dismissed.

Our government has taken their information from the wind industry, CanWEA, instead of doing it’s own homework. In fact, the first name on the first draft of the Green Energy Act, the act that stripped municipalities of any say in wind turbine installations, is OSEA, the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, made up of mainly wind industry people.

There is constant denial of adverse health effects from the wind industry and this government is allowing them to make those claims. What the wind industry uses to deny adverse health effects is engineering noise modeling and literature review. Neither the government or the wind industry has a proper study on human beings by health professionals in spite of repeated requests for just this action from over 40 municipalities, the OFA, health units and hundreds of individuals.

There are under 700 turbines currently operating in Ontario at this time. Over 100 people have taken the time to fill in a 3 page survey and mail it to me. I’ve lost track of the number of people who haven’t filled out a survey but who have called or emailed to tell me of the problems they are having with their health since the start up of turbines in their area.

I know of six families who’ve been bought out by a wind company, some after bringing legal action forward. There are several families going through the same thing from other wind projects. Again, these are the ones I know of.

I have no idea how many have quietly moved away. I don’t know how many can’t afford to do that and are trying to cope any way they can, some by sleeping in a tent or in their vehicle, some by renting another place or by staying with family. But I do know people who have been or who are in each situation just mentioned.

Those experiencing health difficulties and having to find another place to sleep or recover includes people who are hosting turbines on their farms.

We absolutely cannot accept this as the future of rural Ontario.

Lorrie Gillis, Grey Highlands

2 thoughts on “We cannot accept this for rural Ontario

  1. As long as the McGuinty Gang is in power there will be no recourse for any resident of this once proud Province to take in securing their Home, Land, Community and Health from being attacked by the Wind Industrialists!

    Not one single complaint about noise, Health damage or Property Value damage has been taken seriously by McGuinty and crew. He has basically dismantled every agency that oversees the safety and health of Ontario Residents in favour of developing a huge Industry that requires taxpayers dollars to subsidize it’s very existence!

    Countries that treat citizens like this are called Dicitatorships!

  2. I live 400 metres from a turbine– and within a kilometre of several more– in the Port Burwell area on Lake Erie. Your summary of the situation is accurate and portrays the sad reality for those of us who have been devastated by turbines. It is impossible to ignore the hum and vibration from the turbines. I can feel my eardrums flutter. It’s not healthy, and it’s not right. My only relief is that I am able to get out of my home for 10 hours a day while at work. Some people are not so lucky.

    It is a terrible feeling when you do not want to be at your own home, and can’t afford to abandon your biggest investment. “Homeless” is the good way of describing it. No point in trying to sell. Who else wants to pay to live where I do not?

    Why will nobody listen? Apathy, arrogance, ignorance, greed… It’s very disheartening. At the very least, it is nice to know that there are others with the same frustrations. Thank you for taking the time to share. Since politicians don’t seem to care enough to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities to protect the citizens that elected them, I am afraid the only hope will be that in time the general public might become more educated.

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