High-frequency electrical pollution from Ripley Wind Farm

Dirty Electricity vs. Clean Electricity

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Author:  Colling, David

All the Ripley Wind Farm readings where recorded in the same way, measuring the waveform from the ground wire at the transformer pole or the ground wire on the collection poles from the windmills to a remote ground rod approximately 20 meters from the pole we were measuring at.

When the Feeder 3 was isolated, therefore shutting any generation from the windmills west of the substation, most of the high frequency electrical pollution disappeared at Eadie’s, however there was a small amount of electrical pollution still showing on the oscilloscope. The reason being that we never did totally isolate these west windmills because of a grounding bond at the substation connecting all the windmills south of the substation to the windmills west of the substation.

The high frequency electrical pollution is now worse at the Doug Eadie property when the windmills were running since the neutral was isolated from the grounding network of the windmills. This is because we are getting electromagnetic induction of this high frequency electrical pollution generated from the windmills onto the neutral for Doug Eadie as this neutral is running parallel and only 1 meter below the 3 phase generation line from the windmills and this high frequency pollution is not being dissipated off through the grounding network of the windmills.

The way that these above ground collection lines from the windmills have been installed and the way the grounding network from the windmills have been bonded to the primary neutrals of the distribution lines is in my opinion totally negligent and unacceptable.

I was testing at the home of Glenn & Brenda Wylds (Fire #2472) yesterday and have enclosed below the readings that I recorded. They have been experiencing major health problems and did not know why till they related the timing of the wind farm startup and similar health problems of the Eadie’s, Forster’s and Mac Leod’s, so then I came home and did similar testing at my place only because if you listen to the AM radio in my truck it is faintly audible down the road in front of my residence on con 4 (911# 2821). My point being if this problem is not fixed properly and in a timely manner it is only a matter of time that there are going to be more people coming forward with similar health issues. After being in Glenn Wylds’ house yesterday for 2 hours my ears ached as never before so now I personally know what these people have been experiencing.

In my opinion the only way to fix this properly is to install ALL THE GENERATING COLLECTION LINES FROM THE WINDMILLS UNDERGROUND, and then the only windmill lines that would be above ground would be from the substation on sideroad 25 to Tiverton. The lines and the poles from the collection lines from the windmills to the substation then could be reused in other areas for electrical distribution purposes. It is quite obvious that the filtering done at the substation seems to be effective, however, the filtering (and I question if any is being done) at the individual windmills is not being effective, as all one has to do is drive along sideroad 25 (with your AM radio on) from concession 2 and drive north, and once you get just north of the windmill on Audrey Mac Donald’s property the radio signal clears up.

I would like to make the comment that the people that live in this neighborhood are a group of close knit and honest abiding citizens who should have never been put through what they have been put through in the last 6+ months, and all they want is that their homes be safe and free of electrical pollution that seems to be generated from the windmills.

June 26, 2008

David Colling
Bio-Ag Consultants and Distributors Inc.
Wellesley, Ontario