Erie Shore Wind Facility Petition

For two weeks in August four volunteers of Norfolk Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines (NVoIWT) visited approx. 60 homes in the Erie Shore Wind Farm area.  70 residents or visitors signed the following:
Petition regarding the negative impact of the Industrial Wind Turbines on our neighbourhood

To: Norfolk County Council, Legislature of Ontario, Legislature of Canada, the Hon. Diane Finley and the Hon. Toby Barrett

We, the undersigned citizens, who live in the area of the Erie Shore Wind Farm, are concerned about one or more of the following issues and are asking that you take immediate action to address and remedy these negative effects created by the operation of the Industrial Wind Turbines:

1. Intrusive noise, low frequency emission and strobe effect created by the turbines rotating blades.

2. Negative impact on physical and mental wellbeing.

3. Loss of enjoyment of day-to-day life in the previously peaceful environment.

4. Affected neighbours were not informed of the final location of the turbines

5. The resale value of our properties is below the already depressed real estate market.


Some notable comments noted on the petition were:

  • excessive noise
  • plugged ears
  • headaches
  • decreased property value
  • lack of respect for peoples concern
  • incorrect information provided about the final placement of turbines
  • to close to house
  • shadow flicker
  • insult to population
  • rum helps sleep

Verbal comments were:

  • our politicians don’t care anyway
  • where can you complain to
  • a disgrace to the landscape
  • I don’t want to be a guinea pig
  • here is the taxpayers money going into corporate pockets
  • they bother me a bit but I can live with it
  • nothing wrong with the wind mills, they don’t bother me
  • they are good for the economy
  • which politicians live surrounded by Wind Turbines


The following observations must be noted that many of the residents of this area

  • ~25% of the local residents do not have sufficient command of English
  • do not know were to direct any complaints
  • live in homes which are  owned are owned by absentee landowners
  • are farmers who own IWTs but do not reside in this area.
  • have religious beliefs that “One does not complain”
  • are immigrant workers
  • do not own a computer and or are not computer literate.
  • residents do not receive or read the local Newspaper
  • * At least two farmers with IWTs stated that they would “never sign up again”.