Smitherman has to go


This is directed at the Ontario government.

Do Ontario and Toronto a favour, George, and retire from politics.

I am calling on Premier Dalton McGuinty to demand the resignation of George Smitherman from his position of Minister of Energy and Infrastructure and Deputy Premier.

Ontario families — men, women and children, have been forced to abandon their homes because of wind turbines.

This cannot be denied.

On Oct. 10: “While there may be unanswered health questions related to industrial wind turbines, there’s no doubt about health risks associated with coal burning power plants, Smitherman’s press secretary Amy Tang said.”

There are already too many Ontario victims reporting adverse health effects from exposure to wind turbine installations.

Many of these victims testified at the Green Energy Act hearings. To hear the details of their families’ suffering is heartbreaking.

Mr. Smitherman’s intractable desire to ignore and silence victims through the Green Energy Act and by using the threat of coal plants to claim it’s better to let harm come to Ontario families living near turbines is an inexcusable disregard for public health.

Mr. Smitherman has betrayed the public trust of Ontario residents as head of two ministries and needs to resign from his positions of Minister of Energy and Infrastructure and Deputy Premier.

Lorrie Gillis Grey Highlands

4 thoughts on “Smitherman has to go

  1. Save what is left of Ontario and do the “Honourable” thing George….Resign!

    How anyone can have the word “Honourable” in front of their name is an oxymoron when the damage that you have done to our infrastructure is indefensible!

  2. Lorrie Gillis I agree with you and stand behind you in all you say..

    Jackie Allan

  3. Georgie Boy is really the one to blame for the ehealth scandal.Caplan was just a sacrificial lamb.Eventually,someone is going to follow the money and uncover the biggest fraud yet,the passing of Billions of Ontario tax dollars to these so-called Green Energy firms.Lets punish them at the ballot box,since thats the only protest they seem to understand.

  4. Fascist tendencies aside, as a henchman Smitherman does a good job. As an elected
    politician, he is as pompous, corrupt and sleazy as they come. George has got to go.

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