Climatism and the new green industrial state

By Terence Corcoran, Financial Post

…At the Copenhagen climate conference in December, no group looks forward more fervently than big business to a global carbon control agreement filled with firm targets, big tax increases and massive subsidies for special interests all over the world….

…In Ontario, the list of corporations supporting and circling the province’s new Green Energy Act is an appalling demonstration of climatism run amok. From TransCanada to GE, from wind farm developers to solar panel makers, it’s a corporatist free for all.  All have joined forces with David Suzuki, Environmental Defence and other green groups in cahoots with government to install a regime that looks all to much like a giant swindle. Mr. Suzuki’s image, and his video support for their cause, is a fixture on the Ontario green energy web site….

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1 thought on “Climatism and the new green industrial state

  1. From the article…

    “Big business and the globe’s greatest corporate powers are marching in lock step with governments and environmentalists to impose climate policy on the world and its people.”

    The ones dealing with the reality of these industrial wind towers are not important to these movers and shakers..IMO

    I wonder what Mr. Suzuki thinks when told that some people can not sleep in their homes and can not move because they can not afford to move..

    My son told me that he has looked at Mr. Suzuki’s image all his life..
    I have watched the man age.. Now this..
    How sad..

    Jackie Allan

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