Urban vs. Rural

Toronto - Center of the Universe

Toronto - Center of the Universe

By MICHAEL DEN TANDT  London Free Press

….The same provincial government has imposed the Green Energy Act.  Its primary consequence, large industrial wind farms, promises to change permanently the character of rural Ontario.  Objections are everywhere and growing — outside Toronto.  So far, nobody in the megacity cares.

Deputy Premier George Smitherman is convinced wind power puts him on the side of the angels.  That’s all that counts.

Has it occurred to any of the folks complaining about disproportionate stimulus spending in Tory ridings that these ridings tend to be badly underserved in most areas of infrastructure?  Not likely.

They don’t get out of the city enough to know.        Read entire article here.

1 thought on “Urban vs. Rural

  1. We opponents of Rural destruction being caused by Smitherman and gang must be careful not to get “sucked into” a game of “us versus them” scenario.

    This Liberal Government would like nothing better than have us Rural Folks turn against our city neighbours and in essence, isolate what few options we have to fight this on a Provincial level.

    First off, just because Smitherman hasn’t “pissed off” the city folk quite yet is because their electricity rates haven’t gone through the roof as yet. Once they do wait and see the backlash from Smotherman’s city neighbours. He’s attempting to push the buttons in Scarborough and there are more protesters from Guildwood against the wind turbines than all of Rural Ontario put together.

    MacGuinty and Smitherman and others in his “cabal of greed” now assume that they have a clear field in which to throw their money ball around in without any regulations in place that would force them to stop. It is at this point in the formation of a Dictatorship that these “vile creatures” will make huge mistakes and will be overcome by the “giddy greed” feelings they must have right now.

    Enron is a prime example and where are they now?…………..serving 25 to life!

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